Trigger Finger

28th September 2021

My client was sat in front of me fighting back tears. They had been diagnosed with #TriggerFinger and told they were to have surgery. They’d had the usual injections in both hands. But it wasn’t working, their fingers were starting to stick again.

The problem was that their diagnosis wasn’t exactly ringing true with the symptoms they described! They were evidencing issues with their nerves and NOT their tendons. So this didn’t appear to be Trigger Finger. And let’s face it, no one wants to be operated on for the wrong reason!

We talked about the options available to them. The fact that with conservative treatment success was not guaranteed, but they felt that the treatments would be worth it if they could avoid an operation.

We started with a thorough assessment, both a discussion and an examination. We palpated. We explored the symptoms but most importantly we listened to their fears. And then we did one thing: they went home with one single exercise. For a month they were quiet. Then they contacted me to say that their left hand was symptom free but that they were going ahead with the operation on their right hand as they were scared that it was going to get stuck.

Another month went by and we caught back up. Both hands were symptom free! They were delighted. And amazed that one simple exercise would have such a life changing effect.

It wasn’t magic what we did. It was a simple nerve floss. It helped encourage the nerve to move freely in it’s canals, it helped it heal. To the client it felt like magic. The condition that had been dogging them for a few years was gone. Their future suddenly felt bright and full of possibility again. Most importantly they didn’t need to use up valuable NHS resources.

We definitely aren’t miracle workers! There is no magic. We are just here to listen to your story. We have the time and resource available to hear you. To see you. To help you.

If you know of someone dealing with a diagnosis of trigger finger, then it might just be worth putting them in contact for a free 20 minute consult to see how we can help them manage their pain. You never know, we might help them avoid an operation or injections!

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