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It started out as a need to simplify the rehabilitation process and ended up growing into a dream to help others going through the same journey to recover from injury.

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Balanced Bodies Injury Rehabilitation aims is to help people access an active lifestyle, free from judgement, layered with lots of support and topped with recognition for each small victory made, knowing that the big things will follow in time. Taking a no-nonsense, stripped back approach, Balanced Bodies dispenses with the fluff, with the aim of demystifying injury rehabilitation and exercise, providing a simple approach to regaining pain free movement and maintaining balance.

Whether you have an injury that you would like personalised support for in the form of Injury Rehab, or you just want to get exercising in a safe environment, there is something for everyone.

What people are saying

  • Improvement in my body strength

    Have been going to the sessions for a few weeks now and have enjoyed every session! I have definitely seen an improvement in my body strength and it has done wonders for the pain I get in my shoulders! Not to mention she’s lovely and always keeps it fun and interesting.

    Maddy, Oct 2020

  • Clinical Pilates

    I’ve just finished my first course of Clinical Pilates with Joanna and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it. I can feel the benefits already. Joanna made me feel very at ease, explained in detail and takes everyone’s little niggles into account and helps you manage each movement to suit you. Now into my second course and not thinking about stopping any time soon. Wasn’t sure about doing Zoom classes, but they do work and if we don’t get back into the hall any time soon, I am keen to continue as it’s great for the body and even better for the mind… Thanks Joanna

    Laurena, Nov 2020

  • Pilates Class

    Had a great pilates session with Jo, I had a few twinges due months without the lovely fluid moves of pilates (lockdown etc.) so it is a real relief to be back to it. I can feel the creaking easing already and felt very well looked after during our session. The extra complications of Covid and social distancing were well navigated by Jo too who is very careful and conscientious about client well being.

    Jo, Oct 2020

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The Menopause

Here at Balanced Bodies we understand intimately how challenging it is for women as their bodies age and change.

We know that woman can be too embarrassed or even fearful of asking questions about their pelvic floor health, memory, bone health, mood swings, incontinence and depression.

We also know that their families and work colleagues struggle to know how to best support those going through the Menopause. So we ask the questions of experts and share the information.

Out of our own struggles evolved MenoBodies: a series of educational events designed to throw a spot light on the topic of the Menopause and provide education & support to our community.

This is a work in progress and we are constantly learning and reshaping the experience. To find out more, please head to our resource page on the Menopause.

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