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It started out as a need to simplify the rehabilitation process and ended up growing into a dream to help others going through the same journey to recover from injury.

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Balanced Bodies aims to educate, empower and enable people on their injury prevention and injury rehabilitation journey.

Using a combination of Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Exercise Therapy, we create bespoke programmes for our clients that help them become pain free, whilst restoring full range of movement and strengthening up the injured tissues.

But we don’t just stop there! Often the symptoms are not the cause. So we also track down the cause and tackle that at the same time! Because we really want to make sure that you don’t need to keep coming back for maintenance treatments. In fact, if we do our jobs properly, we strongly believe that after our injury rehab or injury prevention work you won’t ever need help for that specific injury again!

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our client’s say.

We regularly use tools like massage, special stretch techniques and mobilisations of joints to both activate your body’s natural pain killing systems in conjunction with restoring full movement to a joint or muscle. However the centre of our client support is often around Exercise Therapy. Because we know that without appropriate strengthening, those injuries or niggles are likely to keep coming back!

Whilst historically we haven’t offered stand alone Sports Massage, we are excited to be able to offer Sports Massage now as a stand alone service for those clients who aren’t in a place to pursue a complete rehabilitation journey.

What people are saying

  • Marathon Runner’s Knee Injury

    Friendly atmosphere. Prompt attention. Joanna was very thorough and detailed in her observations. I was confident in her professionalism as a sports injury specialist. Her exercises were achievable and suggestions for further self help treatment, very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my running friends!! Thank you Joanna. I may well need to call on you again to succeed in running my first marathon!

    Linda, July 2021

  • Flautist with thumb pain

    I highly recommend Joanna for any kind of joint pain. As a flautist I was struggling with a really painful thumb. The doctor said it was arthritis. Joanna worked with me to put some exercises together and 12 weeks later I have done a full week of 8am-5pm playing without any pain!

    Sheila, August 2021

  • Neck Pain

    I was recommended to see Joanna after I injured my neck and I’m so glad I was. Joanna is very knowledgeable and explains things so well. She was very welcoming, caring and thoughtful throughout. After just one session I walked away already starting to feel the difference. I would give Joanna a 10 star rating! I cannot recommend her enough and would definitely use her again

    Mel, May 2021

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The Menopause

Here at Balanced Bodies we understand intimately how challenging it is for women as their bodies age and change.

We know that woman can be too embarrassed or even fearful of asking questions about their pelvic floor health, memory, bone health, mood swings, incontinence and depression.

We also know that their families and work colleagues struggle to know how to best support those going through the Menopause. So we ask the questions of experts and share the information.

Out of our own struggles evolved MenoBodies: a series of educational events designed to throw a spot light on the topic of the Menopause and provide education & support to our community.

This is a work in progress and we are constantly learning and reshaping the experience. To find out more, please head to our resource page on the Menopause.


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