Keeping you safe…

The legislation regarding COVID-19 is changing fast.

We will keep you updated directly whether we can see you for in person or virtual.

Please see below our current COVID-19 processes to keep you safe for when we can see you in person.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination

    Where clients have been vaccinated, they will be required to allow a 48 hour gap before attending their appointment and should not be suffering with prolonged symptoms.

  • QR Codes

    Please scan the QR code either on arrival or on leaving the clinic.

    If we are contacted by track and trace, we are legally obliged to provide contact information

  • Lateral Flow Testing

    To keep our clients as safe as possible our therapists complete Lateral Flow testing twice weekly.

    Where ever possible, we kindly ask that clients take a Lateral Flow Test before their in person appointments.

  • Symptoms

    Symptoms of COVID-19 include (but are not limited to):

    • A new continuous cough
    • A high temperature
    • A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Headache

    As COVID symptoms are evolving, please refer to the following for checking in on the latest profile of symptoms:

    If you suspect you have (or had) or test positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks please notify your therapist immediately on 01420 343130 and do not attend your clinic appointment. An appointment can be rescheduled to accommodate.

    If you live with someone (or have been in close contact with someone) who has symptoms of or has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks please notify your therapist immediately on 01420 343130 and do not attend your clinic appointment. An appointment can be rescheduled to accommodate.

    If your symptoms develop in the week after your appointment, please notify your therapist immediately.

    If your therapist develops COVID-19 symptoms you will be notified immediately.

    Please do not attend your appointment or class if you have cold / flu symptoms or an elevated temperature. Balanced Bodies reserves the right to refuse entry to the clinic.

  • Classes

    Currently classes are all virtual, but when we are allowed to return to in person the following will apply:

    • All classes will be restricted to 6 participants maximum, plus your instructor.
    • 2 metres distancing will be maintained between all participants.
    • If the instructor needs to facilitate hands on adjustments, this will be done with the consent of the participant and the instructor will be wearing appropriate PPE.
    • Classes will start promptly at the advertised time so please time your arrival to 5 minutes before.
    • On arrival you are politely requested to bring the absolute minimum of personal belongings to minimise risk of contamination.
    • It is the aim of the clinic to keep windows and doors open at all time so during cold weather, please wear layers so you do not get cold.
    • Drinks will not be provided so please bring your own drinks bottle.
    • Whilst there are toilets on the premise, all client’s will need to be escorted to and from by the instructor, so please be mindful of this when attending classes.
    • Exercise mats for classes are not currently provided and where ever possible, participants will be asked to bring their own equipment (if needed).
    • You are kindly asked to wear a mask into the clinic and will be able to remove it once you at your exercise station. However, please feel free to continue wearing your mask during the class if you feel more comfortable.

    If you have any concerns about our COVID-19 protocol or would prefer a virtual appointment due to shielding, please contact your therapist before your appointment to discuss further.

  • Payments

    All payments will be made online in advance. If you do not have the means to make an online payment please contact Balanced Bodies on 01420 343130 or

  • Cleaning Protocol

    • The clinic will be deep cleaned daily.
    • Additional cleaning will occur between patients / classes using appropriate cleaning materials. 20 minutes will be allowed between clients to allow a thorough clean and for sufficient room ventilation.
  • Triage Assessment (Initial Virtual Consult)

    Before clients attend for a face to face treatment, they will complete an initial virtual assessment that allows us to assess whether an online treatment will be sufficient, or whether a face to face appointment is needed. This allows us to make an assessment as to whether the benefits of meeting a client in person are greater than the risk of transmitting infection.

  • Screening

    • Prior to treatment, clients will need to complete a Health Assessment which incorporates a COVID-19 screening.
    • Face to Face treatment will be cancelled / rescheduled if the form is not completed 24 hours prior to the first appointment.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Your therapist will wear a mask for all appointments where >2m distance is maintained. For close contact (<2m Therapists will don aprons, visors and gloves).
    • Patients are requested to wear their own face covering, which includes complete coverage of their mouth and nose. If you don’t have a mask available, we will be able to provide one with an additional cost of £2 being added to your bill.
    • Patients are welcome to bring and wear additional PPE
  • Temperature Checks

    • The therapist will track and record their own temperature regularly throughout the day.
    • Before you are allowed to enter the clinic, the therapist will use a contactless thermometer to check your temperature. If you have an elevated temperature you will not be allowed to enter the clinic on that day and will be rebooked for an alternative day.
  • Waiting for your appointment

    • You will be asked some screening questions prior to being admitted to recheck any changes to your COVID-19 status.
    • Please allow your therapist to open / close all clinic doors to minimise contamination.
  • Hand Hygiene

    • Please use the hand sanitiser on entering and exiting the clinic.
    • Please try to touch as little as possible in the clinic.
    • Your therapist will thoroughly wash their hands before and after your appointment following government guidelines and will be bare below the elbow.
  • Water / Drinks

    Please bring your own drink as the clinic is unable to provide drinks.

  • Allergies

    • Whilst every effort is made to accommodate allergies, the clinic can not guarantee an allergy free environment.
    • Please ensure you notify the clinic of any allergies you may experience e.g. latex.
  • Front line / Key Workers

    Please change your clothes and shower before attending your appointment.

  • Chaperones / Companions

    • We understand that there are occasions where you may need to attend the clinic with a friend or family member. Where ever possible, please attend alone.
    • If there is a reason for your friend / family member to attend, please notify your therapist a minimum of 2 working days in advance of your appointment as your companion will also need to complete the relevant COVID-19 protocols.
  • Storage of your belongings

    On arrival you will be asked to store your belongings in a secure, airtight box for the duration of your appointment. This includes mobile phones, which can only be accessed in an emergency to minimise any possible contamination.