What is Side-By-Side?

Not everyone wants to do an exercise class. Sometimes people just want to be told what to do and get on with it!

We really do practice what we preach here at Balanced Bodies so all of our trainers and therapists will be found exercising in their own time. And no, we are not sporting gods and goddesses: we are just normal human beings like you.

We have put aside a few sessions each week for our clients to get an insight into what our workouts look like. These sessions are for more experienced exercisers who understand good technique etc.

We know from personal experience that sometimes it really is a slog to climb out from under that duvet or set time aside! So, a great way to get started is to set up a Side-By-Side training session and off you go. You get a lot of the benefits of Personal Training but without the associated cost!

Perfect for someone who just wants to move at home and doesn’t know how to craft their own workout or just wants to be told what to do! You just turn up, warm up and then get to work sharing in your instructor’s workout for a minimally supervised session.

Sounds good so far? Then keep reading….

You will need to have a chat with the class leader first so they can check your training base as well as completing a Health Questionnaire so we can keep you safe.

Once these are done, you can pick your preferred Side-By-Side session and get started!

Participation is based on your ability to meet certain movement criteria in order to keep yourself safe.

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What people thought of the class

  • Highly recommend Joanna!

    Highly recommend Joanna! She is very friendly and welcoming and really makes you feel relaxed. After a couple of sessions, I have already noticed a difference with my knee and have a good plan going forward to get back into running

    Emily, Nov 2020

  • Improvement in my body strength

    Have been going to the sessions for a few weeks now and have enjoyed every session! I have definitely seen an improvement in my body strength and it has done wonders for the pain I get in my shoulders! Not to mention she’s lovely and always keeps it fun and interesting.

    Maddy, Oct 2020

  • Exercises are suited to individuals

    I have been doing classes with Jo for several years now and she is absolutely excellent! She makes sure that the exercises are suited to individuals’ abilities and she takes great care to explain what we are doing and what we should be feeling and how it should help. Jo really knows her business and is so committed to her clients’ welfare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend going to Jo to get some advice and perhaps doing a class.

    Sue, Sept 2020


  • I have never done exercise before - can I still take part?

    We really want to encourage everyone to take part in structured exercise to promote good health and wellbeing, however it is really important for us that we keep you safe.

    If you are new to strength training, then this isn’t going to be the class for you. We require a minimum level of self-sufficiency and knowledge of strength training principles in order to keep you safe.

    With this in mind, please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch! Why don’t you take a look at our Strong Bodies classes instead?

  • Do I need special equipment?

    These classes are done in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. So, we will work with body weight and small equipment which might include anything from resistance bands through to bags of potatoes!

    Where there is a will there is a way…

  • How much do these cost?

    These sessions are cost friendly, as you are just accompanying your instructor who will be doing their own work out.

    Please take a look at our Book Now page for more details.