Where do you go when your child / teen gets injured?

Whilst young people are incredibly resilient, every so often they’ll end up injuring themselves either through play or doing the sports that they love. Other times they’ll have structural issues around their knees or spine (scoliosis) that need additional support.

It can be really scary when your child is in pain. Partly because you would do anything to take their place, but also because they don’t understand what’s going on themselves and turn to you for answers. And what do you say when you can’t give those answers? What if you can’t make the pain go away?

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If your young person is 10 years old or above, we are the perfect people to help!

Fortunately for us we absolutely love working with young people and have the reviews to prove it!

If your young person is in pain, then we are experienced at guiding them through an age-appropriate rehab programme. Better still, we will work with them to make sure that they understand how to stop it from coming back again.

All the while making these sessions as fun as possible.

We are DBS checked and fully insured as well has holding a safeguarding policy to keep your young person safe.

What young people thought of our injury prevention and rehabilitation work

  • Knee Injury Rehab For My 13 Year Old

    I took my 13-year-old daughter who is petrified of doctors and hospitals to see Jo as she has been suffering with a bad knee. After an initial Zoom consultation, which was much easier than I expected it to be, we went to meet Jo at her practice. Jo instantly made my daughter feel relaxed and was great with her throughout, a real credit to her profession. Jo made sure my daughter understood everything that was going on and explained it all in a really easy way to understand. Covid safe working was maintained throughout. We now have someone who my daughter is happy to go and see and trusts. Thanks Jo

    Dave, June 2021

  • Injury Rehab For Young People – Big Tick!

    My 10-year-old (“O”) had a painful foot and had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by our doctor. We wanted to make sure that we got the best possible support for “O” and as a result booked in with Balanced Bodies Injury Rehabilitation. Right from the start, every effort was made to help "O" feel at home. Even down to the Rehab Therapist (Joanna) meeting us outside before the very first session so that “O” could meet her in a socially distanced manner with no PPE on. It can be very scary to get injury rehabilitation before you start, especially when something is painful, but “O” was made to feel welcome and everything was taken at their pace with lots of fun along the way. It isn’t easy for a young person to appreciate the time it takes to recover from an injury, especially when they are so passionate about their sport. “O” just wanted to get back to running ASAP. Joanna has been so careful to explain the process at each stage, provide a road map for what we are working towards and helped “O” to remain focused. “O” is now pain free day to day and is learning how to safely strengthen their body so that they can return to their sports and keep the Plantar Fasciitis firmly in the past. Would highly recommend Balanced Bodies to anyone when it comes to supporting the rehabilitation of an injury!

    Monika, Dec 2020

  • Rehab For Scoliosis

    Working with Joanna has, I believe, improved both my mental and physical abilities. I have a mild scoliotic curve in my mid spine, and so, joined Pilates in aid of nurturing my back’s health and mobility. The nature of Joanna’s teaching and, I assume, Pilates in general; means the emphasis on mindful movement and control over blind strength has made me feel increasingly more comfortable in my body. Moreover, despite me not exactly being in the usual Pilates demographic, everyone in the classes has been extremely welcoming and warm. I also don’t feel as though I have lost too much value that may have been gained in in-person classes as opposed to on zoom calls. I would recommend Joanna for absolutely anyone. Taking care of mind and body is increasingly more important and there are few more pleasant ways of doing so.

    Makhaya, May 2021