• A Solution from Long Term Lower Back Pain

    I've suffered with lower back pain and inflexibility for around two decades. I previously tried several therapies including physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine, standard pilates classes, and bespoke gym training routines. None were as effective as the rehab and clinical pilates offered by Joanna. She really tailors her approach according to your particular needs, and offers continuous ongoing support and informed advice. Very highly recommended.

    Adrian, Feb 2024

  • Support For Shoulder Injuries

    I would happily recommend Joanna to anyone looking for a physio* in the local area. Joanna is passionate about physio* and the role it plays overcoming injury. I have worked with Joanna over the past several months to improve a recurring shoulder issue. She is meticulous in her approach, explaining every step of the recovery journey. My shoulder is in a much better place, and with the tools Joanna has given me, I will be able to continue managing it into the future.

    **Note from Balanced Bodies: to confirm that Joanna is proud to be a Graduate Sports Therapist and provides injury rehab not physio**

    Will, January 2024

  • Highly Recommended

    Joanna has really guided me through my recovery after a lower back injury. She has been with me every step of the way. I would have no hesitations in recommending her, and in fact, have already done so.

    Fiona, Jan 2024

  • Juggling Complexity: When there’s more than one issue

    Joanna takes a truly holistic approach to her work. She is accessible, always willing to help & support your rehab journey, but also understands how complex situations can be & works with that complexity to help you progress. I could not recommend more highly.

    Clare, Jan 2024

  • Pilates and Osteoporosis

    I’ve joined Joanna’s clinical Pilates class at the Centre, I have osteoporosis so have to be careful but Joanna is so good at tailoring the exercises for me that I feel completely safe. We have great fun in the class and I am definitely. Feeling the benefits. Would recommend to anyone.

    Dawn, March 2024

  • Runners Adductor Injury

    I’ve worked with Joanna in person and virtually and would definitely recommend her. She’s very welcoming and really cares about your progress.

    Ed | October 2023

  • Severe Shoulder Pain

    Excellent. Went to see Joanna when I was having severe pain in my upper back. Brilliant plans soon settled it down & I'm well on the road to recovery

    Tony | July 2023

  • Holistic Approach – Sprained Ankle

    Enthusiastic, diligent, professional, caring and committed - Joanna took an holistic approach to my sprained ankle and provided exercises and advice to ensure long term strength and stability. Would certainly seek advice from Joanna in future.

    Phil | July 2023

  • Diligence and Great Customer Care

    Joanna is thorough in her work. Before she could treat me, I had to have some additional checks at the hospital ( which she kindly drove me to) to rule a few things out before she was comfortable treating me. I am feeling much relief after completing the exercises she sent and my massage. Friendly and great customer care. Thanks Joanna.

    Leigh, July 2023

  • Something Unique

    Joanna from Balanced bodies listened and validated my concerns. She is very knowledgable, professional and caring. Initially - I had a no obligation consultation with Joanna, she assessed my shoulder, explained what was wrong in a way I understood and put together an achievable plan. It was comforting that Joanna was just a WhatsApp message away, the ongoing support is something unique to Balanced Bodies. I highly recommend if you're in any pain or just feel something isn’t right - you book in to see Joanna.

    Alexandria, Jan 23

  • Completely Understood The Issue

    During the initial Zoom call I felt Joanna completely understood the issue. So that at our first in person meeting she had already prepared a set of tests to further confirm the cause and was able to provide me with a highly personalised exercise programme. We only needed a couple more meetings before I had fully recovered. I also felt reassured that at any time during my treatment I was able to contact Joanna should I encounter any problems. I can highly recommend her.

    Bob, February 2023

  • Dancing Knee

    A lovely caring experience and lots of help in recovering from my knee problems.

    Vanessa, Jan 23

  • Making a huge difference for Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis

    I suffer with Chronic Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and subsequently I experience continual severe pain which in turn impairs my mobility. I have had three sessions with Joanna who spent time listening to me and going in-depth into my medical history. Joanna developed a rehab plan for me to follow to help me reduce my pain and mobility issues and it is working. Joanna was easy to talk to, non-judgemental, and straight talking. I am so impressed with the results, in just two sessions I am not pain free, but it has reduced my pain point to a manageable level and my movement and endurance has increased significantly. This is life changing for me. I cannot recommend Joanna highly enough so if you have an injury, had surgery, or have a long-term physical issue, don't struggle alone, contact Joanna Hoddinott at Balanced Bodies she is amazing and can help you.

    Lou, November 22

  • Car Crash Recovery

    I came to Joanna in a sorry state a couple of years after a serious car accident left me with residual pain and my core muscles barely there - Joanna is highly motivating, knowledgeable, fun and very very patient! I am attending her classes but she has also given me so much individual help and always goes the extra mile never making you feel you are failing even when you are struggling. Lots of encouragement and support. She is truly amazing at her job and as a person and I can't thank her enough for the help she has given and continues to give me. I would highly recommend coming to see her.

    Jo, January 2022

  • Knee Injury Rehab For My 13 Year Old

    I took my 13-year-old daughter who is petrified of doctors and hospitals to see Jo as she has been suffering with a bad knee. After an initial Zoom consultation, which was much easier than I expected it to be, we went to meet Jo at her practice. Jo instantly made my daughter feel relaxed and was great with her throughout, a real credit to her profession. Jo made sure my daughter understood everything that was going on and explained it all in a really easy way to understand. Covid safe working was maintained throughout. We now have someone who my daughter is happy to go and see and trusts. Thanks Jo

    Dave, June 2021

  • Achilles Tendon Rupture

    Thank you Joanna for putting me on the road to recovery highly recommend you for your treatment and knowledge

    Michael, October 2022

  • Rotator Cuff Injury

    Joanna helped me after I injured my shoulder (rotator cuff) whilst lifting weights. The physio work she did with me was always explained in a clear manner and I always understood why I was doing a particular exercise. I was barely able to move my shoulder but after several sessions and about 6 months my shoulder is much stronger and I should be able to be in a position to get back to my original strength training soon. Would highly recommend

    Shahbaz, July 2022

  • Pain Management

    Joanna of Balanced Bodies is a fabulous pain management therapist. She has helped me enormously I can’t recommend her enough

    Louise, October 2022

  • Complete Rehabilitation

    Joanna takes her time to find out what your issues are and she provides a complete rehab plan that is tailored to your specific problems. She is amazing and I highly recommend her

    Emma, June 2022

  • Painful Knee

    I had a very bad fall in January when I landed on my knee. The doctor said I needed physio - but after waiting 2 weeks for NHS physio I went to Balanced Bodies. I have been going about once a week and the difference is remarkable. Gently getting me to move and providing exercises to strengthen the damaged joint. I am now able to walk with ease without my cane. I cannot recommend Balanced Bodies enough.

    Shirley, August 2022

  • Broken Bone Recovery

    Joanna made me feel completely at ease from the very first consultation. She has helped me gain confidence and the exercise programme she recommended has improved the flexibility since breaking my leg. I would certainly recommend her.

    Sue, Sept 2022

  • Empathetic, Knowledgeable Approach

    Joanna is both extremely knowledgeable and Empathetic. She has been supporting me along my rehab journey and I wish I’d been to see her sooner

    Sarah, October 2022

  • Lingering Issues

    Joanna is brilliant and has helped me with some lingering problems that I thought I would simply have to live with due to time wearing on. She explains the treatment but more importantly why the issue is happening which is so helpful. I can't recommend Joanna enough!

    Erin, October 2022

  • Frozen Shoulder Recovery

    Joanna fixed me! I had bad shoulders, I ignored the pain for far too long. She worked through my injury came up with a programme and bingo I have a full range of movement back no pain and best of all I can sleep. Joanna - I can’t thank you enough.

    Kaye, October 2022

  • Office Worker with Back Pain

    Joanna is really focused on successfully tackling any injuries you may have and her knowledge and enthusiasm is great. I’d recommend anyone with an injury to go and see her.

    Joanna, August 2022

  • Long Distance Swimmer

    Joanna listens, and she treats the underlying problem, she doesn't just recommend painkillers to mask the pain/discomfort. My back is the best it's felt in a long time, and my knee is feeling so much better. I'm confident enough to do pilates on my own now, and am happy doing my rehab in the gym. Highly recommend anyone that has any niggles, in fact any sort of pain, go and see Joanna, you won't be disappointed.

    Donna, Sept 2022

  • 14 Year Old Injury Recovery

    Joanna has really helped my 14 year old recover from a shoulder injury, but also given him a real awareness of how to use and move his body, with an exercise plan that he can continue to work with to prevent further sporting injury as much as possible.

    Mel, October 2022

  • Long Term Back Pain Recovery

    I struggled with back pain for years and thought that was my lot for ever and lived on ibuprofen! Joanna helped with immediate treatment and also regular exercise sessions focusing on my specific needs as well as general mobility. I eventually lost my ibuprofen dependency and now exercise regularly to maintain this freedom. I have also learned to recognise niggles and do appropriate exercises to stop it taking hold. Thoroughly recommend Joanna and her clinic 🙂

    Debbie, October 2022

  • Postural Support

    I had a fantastic rehab session with Joanna. I was in so much discomfort, aching with peri menopause symptoms and poor work habits Joanna gave me such simple tips and equipment that have completely transformed my uncomfortable work experience. She also gave me loads of advice around peri menopause.

    Going forward I'll now be doing clinical pilates to create a permanent cure for my postural issues. This will give me the tools to treat myself. it's such a relief to know I don't just have to endure all this discomfort. Thanks Joanna!

    Naomi, May 2022

  • Improved movement for an office worker

    Joanna is the person to go to if you want straight talking yet motivational and effective help. She's seen it all, I have no problems showing and asking. A great person to help get things fixed.

    Elaine, May 2022

  • 10km runner with a persistent knee injury

    I'm a regular runner and had a persistent knee injury for 6 months. Within a month of visiting Jo at Balanced Bodies I'm now back to running full time, pain free and full motion. Thanks so much!

    Mike, May 2022

  • Young rugby player with a new lease of life

    When I first started with Joanna I had chronic back pain everyday which prevented me from doing the sports that I loved. She not only fixed my back but she helped me strengthen my body so I can get back to doing the sports that I love and prevent future injury. Her tailored support and dedication to helping people is unlike anything I have experienced before. I'd highly recommend Joanna to anyone.

    Sam, May 2022

  • Old Rotator Cuff Injury Improving

    I saw Joanna with an old rotator cuff injury, she was very informative and I came away following an effective massage, reduced discomfort and with an exercise plan of how to improve my shoulder and neck. Joanne is very knowledgeable and friendly. And I felt very relaxed in her lovely clinic. I would highly recommend.

    Charlotte, May 2022

  • Long Term Back & Hip Pain: Vanished

    Joanna is so knowledgeable, supportive and helpful, thoroughly recommend her. (And shes a lovely person as well 🙂)

    Debbie, April 2022

  • High praise from a Rugby Player!

    Great place to get any sports injuries or body niggles sorted out :)

    Alex, Feb 2022

  • Sudden Back Injury

    I was suffering from a sudden back injury. It was really painful and I could barely walk, I was getting so frustrated with it. Joanna was nothing short of amazing. She's really thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I walked out of her clinic feeling totally different, she really helped heal me and I'd definitely recommend her. thanks so much Joanna, I'll be back.

    Tamsin, February 2022

  • Spinal Decompression Surgery – Recovery

    I started dealing with Joanna after a spinal decompression operation. She has managed to guide me through the rehabilitation process with great success as well as sorting out the shoulder mobility problem I have had for years ... Thanks Joanna.

    John, Feb 2022

  • Disc Injury

    Balanced Bodies: Injury Rehabilitation. Thankfully I've found Joanna after 6 months of coping with disc issue. She tailors each session completely to your own symptoms/injury and aims to help you rebuild your strength with a view to teaching you tools to protect you for the future. Joanna has a lot of experience and knowledge which shows in every meeting and with every question or symptom that comes up during sessions. Her process is working, stretches, core work, pilates and leading on to more of a global body strengthening. Tools we all need to prevent issues coming back or even happening in the first place. Highly recommended.

    Michelle, February 2022

  • Quick recovery – no maintenance treatments needed

    I met Joanna back in 2018 when she became my personal trainer after a period of illness. Her sessions helped me reconnect with my body and return to my normal level of fitness. In the years since, I have been back to see Joanna (as a fully qualified Injury Therapist) a few times now when I have sustained injuries. Her skills and knowledge have always meant my injuries have been short lived and resolved quickly with treatment and exercise at home. I now also attend one of her her online exercise sessions and this helps to keep my body moving pain free . Highly recommend x

    Debbie, Nov 21

  • Ultra Running Injury

    I came to Balanced Bodies as an injured frustrated runner, and left (continued treatment) optimistic, focused and healthier. Joanna helped diagnose my injury and put an action plan together to get be back on track. The initial meet and greet zoom call (which is free) was a great way to relax me and confirm that this was the right treatment centre for me. Highly recommend. Will always be using Joanna for any injuries I have although with her direction I shouldn’t see her too often!

    Ashley, Jan 22

  • Pain Free Son – Results and value for money!

    What a great service! Joanna is extremely motivating, knowledgeable and patient. Lots of information, lots of encouragement and my son is now pain free. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking for results and value for money.

    Sue, Dec 21

  • Achilles Tendinopathy Rehab

    After an initial 20 minute consultation with Joanna a recovery plan was made to rehabilitate a damaged achilles. After 5 months of clinical pilates and tailored exercises my recovery has progressed rapidly. Not only that, but I realise how important it is to carry on with mobility and core strength exercise injured or not. I am now starting a journey of plyometrics with Joanna which I think will make a massive difference to my ability to continue playing the many sports that I enjoy on a regular basis. For me, being able to have one to one discussions about progress and next steps is a big added value to the programme making this is more than just attending regular classes.

    Richard, June 2021

  • Back Operation Recovery

    Following a back operation last year, I was still experiencing some ongoing issues so I referred myself to Joanna in the hope that she would be able to help me. I have to say she has been amazing. Not only am I attending her classes, but she has given me so much individual support throughout the whole time since I had my first 121. I would have no qualms in recommending Joanna to anyone be it for mobility, strengthening or injury, she shows a real empathy with her clients and always goes the extra mile. By way of example, following a treatment I was struggling, she talked me through exercises I can use to ensure I don't suffer from the same issue moving forward, she also checked up on me throughout that weekend just to make sure I was improving, that shows real dedication to the wellbeing of her clients. She is truly amazing at her job and as a person and I can't thank her enough for the help she has given and continues to give me.

    Janette, July 2021

  • Flautist with thumb pain

    I highly recommend Joanna for any kind of joint pain. As a flautist I was struggling with a really painful thumb. The doctor said it was arthritis. Joanna worked with me to put some exercises together and 12 weeks later I have done a full week of 8am-5pm playing without any pain!

    Sheila, August 2021

  • Knee Injury Rehab For a Keen Dog Walker

    I started clinical Pilates with Jo in an effort to loosen up ageing joints. Very nervous but Jo quickly reassured me and I enjoyed class. When I injured my Knee, Jo was my first choice to get help. She was awesome! I was pain free and mobile in a few weeks. We then moved onto strengthening and improving my balance. I walk so much better, feel more confident and have learnt a lot. I will continue with my journey of strength training and Pilates, knowing that it’s my body and I can make it work better but that Jo will be available to help when I need her. Thank you Jo for your patience and expertise.

    Connie, August 2021

  • Locked Hips & Stressed Minds

    Joined Joanna's Stretch Bodies class during lockdown to try and ease my locked hips and stressed mind. Jo is very friendly, and highly knowledgeable. She explains exercises in a very easy to follow way, and suggests ways to deepen/ease the stretch as necessary.

    Karina, May 2021

  • Marathon Runner’s Knee Injury

    Friendly atmosphere. Prompt attention. Joanna was very thorough and detailed in her observations. I was confident in her professionalism as a sports injury specialist. Her exercises were achievable and suggestions for further self help treatment, very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my running friends!! Thank you Joanna. I may well need to call on you again to succeed in running my first marathon!

    Linda, July 2021

  • No More Quick Fixes Needed For My Knee Injury

    Joanna is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, I have been seeing her for a few months now for my knees after using a few other therapists to no success and have already feel like i'm making lasting improvements for the future instead of short quick fixes. She is also very flexible to bookings and treatment methods, allowing me to maintain my lifestyle without difficulty! I highly recommend balanced bodies to anyone that may need it!

    Alex, July 2021

  • Post Operation Rehab – Faith restored!

    Following on from my ongoing rehab treatment from a back operation last year I had an extremely effective and useful face to face session with Joanna this morning. Joanna has shown me how I can ensure that I take the right steps to strengthening the little muscles I need to in order to protect my back in the future and stop it being so grumpy. I can’t express in words my gratitude to this amazing lady, she is guiding me through this journey and giving me the knowledge and tools to get me back to where I want to be. She is giving me my faith back in my body. Thank you so much Joanna. You are amazing.

    Janette, August 2021

  • Recovery From Back Pain

    I started seeing Joanna when my back went during lockdown, for virtual 1-1's and her online Pilates classes. Her friendly approach, detailed knowledge and focus on finding the best ways to support my own recovery journey really helped get me from hardly being able to move to now moving freely and back to normal. I would highly recommend Joanna's services.

    Vicky, July 2021

  • Support for Scoliosis

    Review from my son who highly recommends Balanced Bodies: Working with Joanna over the last 2 months has, I believe, improved both my mental wellbeing and physical abilities. I have a mild scoliotic curve in my mid spine, and so, joined Pilates in aid of nurturing my back’s health and mobility. The nature of Joanna’s teaching and, I assume, Pilates in general; means the emphasis on mindful movement and control over blind strength has made me feel increasingly more comfortable in my body. Moreover, despite me not exactly being in the usual Pilates demographic, everyone in the classes has been extremely welcoming and warm. I also don’t feel as though I have lost too much value that may have been gained in in-person classes as opposed to on zoom calls. I would recommend Joanna for absolutely anyone. Taking care of mind and body is increasingly more important and there are few more pleasant ways of doing so.

    Lisa, March 2021

  • Shoulder AND Knee Injuries Supported

    I decided to see Joanna for help with shoulder and knee issues. On first meeting, I was impressed by her knowledge and attention to detail, so much so that I decided she was the person who was going to help me find some level of physical comfort again. And she did! (Alongside 121 rehab), Joanna brought a sense of fun to the sessions, which really helped me relax into it. She also manages to tailor every class to the individual so it almost feels like a one to one session. My time with Joanna has now come to an end and I have left with the tools I need to continue the work on my own, but it's nice to know I can always get back in touch if I need her help in the future. I highly recommend Joanna and Balanced Bodies for injury rehab.

    Martyn, August 2021

  • Neck Pain

    I was recommended to see Joanna after I injured my neck and I’m so glad I was. Joanna is very knowledgeable and explains things so well. She was very welcoming, caring and thoughtful throughout. After just one session I walked away already starting to feel the difference. I would give Joanna a 10 star rating! I cannot recommend her enough and would definitely use her again

    Mel, May 2021

  • Life Changing Rehab

    Personal care from someone who really knows her stuff and gently guides you through the process of rehabilitation and learning to get the best out of your own body. life changer for me.

    Debbie, Feb 2021

  • Thorough Introduction to Pilates

    I highly recommend Joanna, she is amazing and is very knowledgeable, kind and makes you feel comfortable. Thanks Joanna

    Sharon, Feb 2021

  • A Whole Other Level of Pilates Instruction

    Joanna is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and tailors her classes to each one of us present to help with our individual injuries and long term issues. I’ve tried Pilates before with other teachers but never come across this level teaching. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

    Janie, Feb 21

  • From early recovery right through to return to sport!

    After an initial 20-minute consultation with Joanna a recovery plan was made to rehabilitate a damaged achilles. After 5 months of clinical pilates and tailored exercises my recovery has progressed rapidly. Not only that, but I realise how important it is to carry on with mobility and core strength exercise injured or not. I am now starting a journey of plyometrics with Joanna which I think will make a massive difference to my ability to continue playing the many sports that I enjoy on a regular basis. For me, being able to have one to one discussions about progress and next steps is a big added value to the programme making this more than just attending regular classes.

    Richard, May 2021

  • Shoulder and Neck Pain after a fall

    Fell over on my back which resulted in shoulder and neck pain, which was highly uncomfortable and at times painful. Went to balanced bodies to see if they could help and I couldn't be happier with my experience there. mobility came back in one session and reduced pain! highly recommend

    Lucinka, May 2021

  • Support for Scoliosis

    Review from my son who highly recommends Balanced Bodies: Working with Joanna over the last 2 months has, I believe, improved both my mental wellbeing and physical abilities. I have a mild scoliotic curve in my mid spine, and so, joined Pilates in aid of nurturing my back’s health and mobility. The nature of Joanna’s teaching and, I assume, Pilates in general; means the emphasis on mindful movement and control over blind strength has made me feel increasingly more comfortable in my body. Moreover, despite me not exactly being in the usual Pilates demographic, everyone in the classes has been extremely welcoming and warm. I also don’t feel as though I have lost too much value that may have been gained in in-person classes as opposed to on zoom calls. I would recommend Joanna for absolutely anyone. Taking care of mind and body is increasingly more important and there are few more pleasant ways of doing so.

    Lisa, March 2021

  • Injury Rehabilitation Uniqueness

    What you do is amazing and unique and I feel very privileged to have been a client for this short time and you have made a big difference

    Helen, Feb 21

  • Clinical Pilates

    I’ve just finished my first course of Clinical Pilates with Joanna and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it. I can feel the benefits already. Joanna made me feel very at ease, explained in detail and takes everyone’s little niggles into account and helps you manage each movement to suit you. Now into my second course and not thinking about stopping any time soon. Wasn’t sure about doing Zoom classes, but they do work and if we don’t get back into the hall any time soon, I am keen to continue as it’s great for the body and even better for the mind… Thanks Joanna

    Laurena, Nov 2020

  • Exercises are suited to individuals

    I have been doing classes with Jo for several years now and she is absolutely excellent! She makes sure that the exercises are suited to individuals’ abilities and she takes great care to explain what we are doing and what we should be feeling and how it should help. Jo really knows her business and is so committed to her clients’ welfare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend going to Jo to get some advice and perhaps doing a class.

    Sue, Sept 2020

  • Felt in safe, knowledgeable hands

    Enjoyed my first session with Joanna. Felt in safe, knowledgeable hands and can highly recommend.

    Debbi, Sept 2020

  • Highly Supportive!

    I have never had the courage to join anything virtual in my life, but Joanna took the time before the session to calm me down and I can honestly say I am so glad I did it. Joanna has a way of putting you at ease whilst calmly explaining in simple terms what you need to do, why you need to do it and how it should feel. Anyone that wants to try but is a bit nervous please give it a go. You won’t regret it

    Natalie, Jan 2021

  • Highly recommend Joanna!

    Highly recommend Joanna! She is very friendly and welcoming and really makes you feel relaxed. After a couple of sessions, I have already noticed a difference with my knee and have a good plan going forward to get back into running

    Emily, Nov 2020

  • Improvement in my body strength

    Have been going to the sessions for a few weeks now and have enjoyed every session! I have definitely seen an improvement in my body strength and it has done wonders for the pain I get in my shoulders! Not to mention she’s lovely and always keeps it fun and interesting.

    Maddy, Oct 2020

  • Pilates Class

    Had a great pilates session with Jo, I had a few twinges due months without the lovely fluid moves of pilates (lockdown etc.) so it is a real relief to be back to it. I can feel the creaking easing already and felt very well looked after during our session. The extra complications of Covid and social distancing were well navigated by Jo too who is very careful and conscientious about client well being.

    Jo, Oct 2020

  • Reassuring to find someone who listened to my concerns

    I had my first Pilates session with Joanna on Saturday, really enjoyed the experience and I never thought I would say that!! After many years of a back problem, it was reassuring to find someone who listened to my concerns on any form of exercise. I felt fully supported throughout, every step was fully explained and I was surprised at what I achieved. I am looking forward to my next session with Joanna.

    Vanessa, Oct 2020

  • Regular check in texts and FaceTimes

    Cannot thank Joanna enough – I was ‘stuck’ with a back injury and Joanna has been there for me throughout to get me moving again and keep me moving. She has been going above and beyond to support me with regular check in texts and FaceTimes. I am looking forward to working with Joanna moving forward to keep my back strong. I couldn’t recommend her more – Thank you!

    Ali, December 2020

  • Highly recommend Injury Rehab work!

    I have had a few sessions with Joanna now and I can highly recommend her for one to one sports injury therapy or Pilates and strong body classes. Joanna is very knowledgeable, kind, considerate, patient and flexible in her approach to your treatment and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I have seen numerous other clinicians for back and joint pain but none that have been as thorough or given me as positive an experience. The new clinic is great, tucked away in a lovely spot in Bordon. Joanna has made every effort to make the clinic relaxing including fairy lights, and most importantly in these times, is very COVID aware and keeps the clinic spotlessly disinfected and always wears full PPE, even though it must be so uncomfortable for her! Big thumbs up from me!

    Jane, Sept 2020

  • Injury Rehab For Young People – Big Tick!

    My 10-year-old (“O”) had a painful foot and had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by our doctor. We wanted to make sure that we got the best possible support for “O” and as a result booked in with Balanced Bodies Injury Rehabilitation. Right from the start, every effort was made to help "O" feel at home. Even down to the Rehab Therapist (Joanna) meeting us outside before the very first session so that “O” could meet her in a socially distanced manner with no PPE on. It can be very scary to get injury rehabilitation before you start, especially when something is painful, but “O” was made to feel welcome and everything was taken at their pace with lots of fun along the way. It isn’t easy for a young person to appreciate the time it takes to recover from an injury, especially when they are so passionate about their sport. “O” just wanted to get back to running ASAP. Joanna has been so careful to explain the process at each stage, provide a road map for what we are working towards and helped “O” to remain focused. “O” is now pain free day to day and is learning how to safely strengthen their body so that they can return to their sports and keep the Plantar Fasciitis firmly in the past. Would highly recommend Balanced Bodies to anyone when it comes to supporting the rehabilitation of an injury!

    Monika, Dec 2020

  • Strong Bodies Classes

    I have been attending Balanced Bodies Injury Rehab’s Strong Bodies classes for over a month now and Joanna has worked hard to ensure that each class is adapted to my level of capability, whilst accommodating my specific aches and pains. As I was working from home during lockdown 2 I also signed up for the Stretchy Bodies daily 30 min sessions to provide some much-needed movement into my day. Being virtual classes, they are very convenient as I can step away from my home office desk for a break and just start moving with no need to travel or change as I’m in comfy clothing anyway! The day before I started my first Stretchy Bodies session I hurt my back so tuned in for the session thinking I wouldn’t be able to do much, but Joanna was able to guide me through an adapted mobility session which really helped, and I recovered much quicker than I expected with the benefit of her knowledge and guidance. Being overweight and not that young, I’m not as agile as I could be but am comfortable in her sessions as I don’t feel I’m being criticised or judged, she’s just helps and guides in a friendly supportive environment and adapts to your needs. I’m so glad I found her as I’m already making progress with my movement and flexibility, honestly a life changer for me, can’t praise her enough

    Debbie, Dec 2020

  • Injury Prevention Passion!

    I’ve been working with Joanna for three weeks now, after going to Balanced Bodies to work on some niggles that have started to develop after starting running during lockdown. I’m already seeing a difference!

    We started off with a quick free 20 minute consolation to work out what we should do. Joanna’s passion for her job, anatomy, and fitness really shines through. Even in that free session I learned a pile of information.

    We then had 2 one hour sessions - the first was an initial assessment. Due to COVID this had to be virtual, and I was giving some innovative ways of measuring my imbalances without specialist equipment. Simply from a very short video of me running Joanna noticed a stiffness in my left ankle I’d never noticed before.

    From this I was emailed a personalised strengthening, mobility and flexibility programme. With exercises to work on my balance.
    We then had a 1 hour personal training session - this was a week later once I’d tried each of the exercises in my training plan. She ran through them all, checking my form, and changing out some of them if they were not quite the right ones for me. We also ran through the basics of Pilates which was really interesting, and has made a real difference to how I see and do Pilates.

    I have now started going to a number of her group sessions a week - after buying a class pass they are good value for money, and it’s wonderful to see friendly faces during lockdown -I love the daily stretchy bodies as a break from my desk! I especially like the side by side sessions, for accountability - essentially we work on the strength and mobility exercises from my plan together. Meaning I don’t just have a lie in instead!

    The clinical Pilates sessions are also excellent As there are a number of people on the zoom call Joanna always makes sure to group people by ability, but even then she personalises the exercises to each persons ability. And will adjust or praise each person at least once per move.
    I already feel like I am standing taller, and can already feel the difference in my walking and running. The sessions are hilariously fun and perfect to stave away COVID and January Blues!

    Sorrel, Feb 21