About Balanced Bodies: Injury Rehabilitation

At Balanced Bodies we aim to treat the person in front of us, not just the injury. Working together with our clients, we look beyond the symptoms to find the cause. Balanced Bodies: Injury Rehabilitation is the journey towards equilibrium.


It started out as a dream to create greater transparency in the rehabilitation process and ended up growing into a reality where we help others access a healthy, active lifestyle free from pain and self-doubt.

Whether you are in pain as a result of injury, have over done things a bit, have a young person who needs a little extra help or are worried about the ever growing aches and pains, there is something for everyone at Balanced Bodies, whether through bespoke 1:2:1 Injury Rehabilitation or small group rehab classes.

Our aim is to help people, regardless of age, access an active lifestyle, pain free, confident in their body’s ability to perform.

About Joanna

With a 1st class honours degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Chichester, Joanna dedicates her time to running a busy injury rehabilitation and Pilates clinic. 

Committed to a patient centred approach, having been on the receiving end of many injuries herself, Joanna has first hand experience of supporting clients with complex injuries, persistent pain and mental health conditions.

Placing a major emphasis on communication, Joanna believes strongly in setting rehabilitation goals that are patient driven in order to achieve maximum success. With a warm manner, and willingness to go the extra mile, Joanna works tirelessly to help her patients receive the best possible rehabilitation journey.

Committed to ongoing learning, Joanna utilises research and hands on experience to shape her clinical decision making, ensuring clients receive the best possible support.

Current qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy,
  • APPI Certified Clinical Pilates Matwork Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer,
  • Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach,
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor.

Additional training in:

  • Sports Trauma Management,
  • Pre & Post Natal Pilates,
  • Kids & Teens Pilates, 
  • Pilates for Hypermobility,
  • Pilates for Runners,
  • Pilates for Reduced Mobility,
  • Hypermobility,
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation Pilates.

Joanna is a keen runner (road and trail), hiker and strength & conditioning enthusiast. In her spare time she loves nothing more than being outdoors with her dog, whether walking or hiking!

What is a Graduate Sports Therapist?

Graduate Sports Therapists sit on the same continuum as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors in terms of treatment capabilities. We are ultimately all Rehabilitation Therapists with variations in our approach and the techniques used.

Graduate Sports Therapists are trained to a high clinical standard that includes hundreds of hours of MSK (musculoskeletal) clinical placements in rehabilitation injury clinics and sports teams. We are just as likely to be found working in the NHS as we are in a sports club or an injury rehabilitation clinic.

In order to use the title of Graduate Sports Therapists we are required to complete a rigorous university based degree, which is regulated by The Society of Sports Therapists. Post qualification, the Society of Sports Therapists stipulate hundreds of hours annually in CPD (Continuous Professional Development), to ensure only the highest standards of clinical expertise from their practitioners.

Graduate Sports Therapists receive a first class education across the following topics:

  • Advanced neuro-musculoskeletal manual therapy to the spine and peripheral joints, utilising Maitland and Mulligan principles,
  • Advanced sports trauma and injury management,
  • Rehabilitation principles from acute injury through to return to function and onto competition,
  • Soft tissue massage and manipulation techniques including METs and PNF,
  • Managing acute injury and trauma,
  • Clinical biomechanics,
  • Electrotherapy including ultrasound, interferential, LASER and TENS,
  • Nutrition,
  • Psychology of injury and rehabilitation,
  • Pathophysiology, Physiology & Anatomy including common co-morbidities such as diabetes, CVD, CPD and mental health.

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We are a teaching clinic!

As part of our commitment to supporting our communities, we are proud to be a teaching clinic in parallel to the work we undertake with our clients. This means that you may be asked whether you are comfortable having a student participating in your appointment. Occasionally, as time permits, we will also offer up heavily discounted appointments to allow our students to practice their skills (under the close supervision of fully qualified Rehab Therapists).

We reserve the right to cancel / withdraw these appointments as it will depend on the capability of the students, as well as the capacity of the clinic. In turn, it will allow clients who would like to take advantage of working with Balanced Bodies, but don’t have the funds available, to partner with us to receive excellent standards of care.