Your Rehabilitation Journey

9th May 2023

We thought it might help to give you a little overview of how rehabilitation works with Balanced Bodies.

The most important thing to acknowledge is that 5 clients with 5 identical injuries can each have a completely different journey. That’s because no one rehabilitation fits everyone. We all have different needs and expectations to be met.

However, there are definitely some themes to injury rehabilitation!

Most importantly we need to restore full, pain free movement. This can be done using tools in the clinic such as massage, special stretches, taping and joint mobilisations. There’s no magic to these treatments – in fact we acknowledge that we do NOT have magic hands! Instead with these treatments we are merely tickling the central nervous system to modulate your pain experience.

The most important part is the magic that our clients work when they are at home! The daily activities of appropriate stretching and mobility. This is what really makes a difference. The in-clinic treatments wear off. Rather like a pain killer. And if you aren’t tackling the underlying causes through homework, you’ll quickly find yourself stuck in a cycle of hands on treatments and pain.

Now some clients are purely focused on getting pain free. And if this meets their needs then we are happy to help them. But a good majority of our clients are with us because they want to make sure that the injury never comes back again. For these wonderful people we take them through a carefully graded rehabilitation program, tackling their strength, balance, control, coordination, flexibility and mobility. 

We are really committed to placing your rehab journey in your own hands. Of course, we guide you step by step in the early stages of recovery. But as you advance further through we gradually hand over all the knowledge you’ll need to ensure that this injury goes away for good.

So if you want to have a chat about your own injury and possible rehabilitation then get in touch to set up a free 20 minute consultation