Tips for managing acute back pain

2nd March 2021

#Backpain: these tips might not work for everything – so we would always recommend you speak to a professional first!

When you have acute back pain:

– Check for symptoms of Cauda Equina Symptom: if you have noticed you either can’t go to the toilet or can’t stop yourself from going, you are numb between your legs and / or have sciatica in both legs then it is really important you seek medical help ASAP.

– Find some easing positions. These can vary depending on the nature of what is causing the pain.

– Consider using strategically placed pillows when you are sleeping to protect your back and keep it in a neutral spine position

– Keep moving little and often – slow walks around the house or in the garden will help ease things

– As soon as your back will tolerate it, start adding in to mobility and stretching to help loosen everything off

– Don’t forget about your back as soon as the pain has gone. Your back has probably been telling you for some time that it wasn’t happy – think of all the tweaks, aches and tightness you have experienced before now. PLENTY can be done to make sure that this doesn’t keep happening, and I don’t just mean having regularly trips to have your back adjusted or tissues massaged!

What do you find helps your back?