The Price of Freedom

4th October 2021

Have you ever felt like you lost your freedom through pain or injury?

Unsurprisingly this is a really normal feeling and makes me reflect on many of the clients that we have been helping. I want to share one of these superstars story with you:

They hobbled in to see me some months ago following on from some misplaced advice from their running coach about running through the pain.

They were in so much pain when they first came to the clinic that I genuinely thought I would need to give them some crutches temporarily to help them. But a few weeks later they were mostly pain free and already feeling a lot better. We continued over the months developing their strength, balance, control and coordination. They hit their rehab goals and after a final phase of plyometrics they returned to running.

Last I heard, they were busy preparing for their first marathon and it seems that every time I log onto Facebook they are sharing another personal best.

That’s the thing about Balanced Bodies: of course we work to get rid of the pain, but we get a massive kick out of helping our clients return to stronger than they ever were pre-injury.

And no, our clients are not professional athletes. They are everyday people like you and me. Our clients come from every walk of life, they could be 10 years old, they could be 80 years old. But the theme they all share is almost identical: Through injury and / or pain, they feel imprisoned. They find their worlds are diminished as they are unable to do the things they love pain free.

If you are fed up of being dogged by injury and want to fly free again, then please do get in touch to find out more about how we can help you!