Improving posture

22nd July 2021

Have you ever found yourself slumped in front of your computer / TV with your chin lifted up towards the ceiling and the back of your neck disappearing into your shoulders like a turtle hiding in its shell?

This is a really common occurrence for many of my client’s with neck and shoulder pain. I do it myself. After sitting for too long I tend to melt down into my chair and that chin slowly gets higher and higher and the space at the back of my neck gets smaller and smaller.

So when I am working with clients who are in pain, I am not only providing them with a treatment but I am also educating them on their posture. This also applied to the client’s who have a hump at the base of their neck – it can be really distressing for some! 

It’s impossible to adjust your posture overnight. The muscles that help control it take time to strengthen up into a revised position. That’s why just telling someone to stand straight and push their chest out isn’t effective. Because once the muscles that are adjusting this posture start to fatigue (and they will) then they’ll soon be back to their normal position.

Instead I focus on teaching cues to my client’s like imagining their shoulder blades sliding down their back like chunks of chocolate melting in conjunction with using clinical pilates to strengthen up and improve their posture. With a long neck and a hint of a double chin the neck is given the space it needs to remain calm and happy instead of cranky and bad-tempered!

This won’t work for everyone. There are some conditions that need more attention, but for the average person a nice long neck in a neutral position really makes a big difference. 

If you want to find out more about improving your posture then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to set up a free 20 min consultation!