Pain isn’t in your head…

19th April 2023

I had a 20 min free consultation with a prospective client a few days ago. It was a tough call. They were struggling with a lot of pain and were being bounced from pillar to post by their care team. Their last rehab therapist had told them to take painkillers and to “fix” their mental health whilst they were at it. This hit them really hard. 

No person should be treated like this….

Even though I knew I wasn’t the right person to help this client (we agreed that they needed to go back to their original care provider) I took the time to talk to them about their pain. We talked about the nature of pain, how it was influenced by previous experiences and how their current well-being shapes their pain experience. 

I was careful to distance their pain from being “in their head”. By the end of what was quite an emotional call, the client had renewed energy to tackle the issue and a much better understanding of what they were experiencing and why. 

This call took a lot longer than 20 minutes. I didn’t mind this at all because this person NEEDED this conversation. Despite not signing them on as a client: The smile on their face at the end was worth it. 

Our free consults are NOT about hard selling prospective clients on signing up to work with us. They are about taking the time to listen to our client’s needs. About explaining how we work. And checking to see if everything matches up. If it does: great we’ll get you started ASAP. If they don’t then we’ll wish you well on your journey with no pressure. In fact, if we can we’ll even refer you onto someone who meets your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Got a question about price? Want to understand whether we can help with a massage? Need to know if we can help with multiple problems? Get in touch and set up a free consult!