Menopause & Stress Management

27th March 2021

We get that life is messy. Particularly when you are somewhere on the #menopause journey.

Successful #injuryprevention and #injuryrehabilitation should always be personalised, and never more so than when you are living with the life changing symptoms of the #menopause. #depression, #anxiety, #jointpain, #musclepain, #painfulbreasts, #stressincontinence, #pelvicfloorpain, #nightsweats, #hotsweats, #poorqualitysleep, #disruptedsleep, #reducedbonedensity…. the list goes on and on.

At Balanced Bodies we get this life change because we are going through it just like the other amazing #women in our lives.

So if you have aches, pains or an injury, one of the first discussions we will have with you will be about how much stress you have in your life. Because we know that stress has a MASSIVE impact on how we experience a pain, ache or niggle.

Without tackling stress, everything else is less impactful!

Here is a little breath mobility flow for you to help relax you (hint: it isn’t just for menopausal folk either). Why don’t you find yourself a quiet 5 minutes, lock the doors and tune in? I got quite emotional making this video as the music really taps into something at a deep level in me. But afterwards I felt so much more peaceful. How did you find the breathing exercise?

If you are on the menopausal spectrum or are just plain #stressed, don’t you think you deserve to get support from someone who really makes the time to listen to your needs?

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash