Menopause & Me

26th March 2021

This week we are looking at Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation when going through the #Menopause.

#InjuryRehabilitation can be a demanding process at the best of times, but when the client in front of me is #Menopausal there is a whole host of additional factors that need to be accounted for.

With declining #Estrogen levels our joints are less #lubricated and prone to more #inflammation, our #sleep quality declines, we are subject to #mood changes, we are more tired, we start to experience #pelvicfloor issues and with #brainfog, even the simplest tasks are a challenge.

With an approximate 10% decline in #bonedensity in the first years after menopause, we become more at risk of #fractures.

We face #genitourinary complications, both increased risk of infection right through to #urineleakage.

And if that wasn’t enough… our #MentalHealth can take a massive hit. In fact it is all too common for women to be diagnosed as #depressed when in reality their low mood is just one of many symptoms linked to the menopause.

So whilst the research is slow to catch up on this, it is hardly surprising that women are more susceptible to a whole range of conditions such as #FrozenShoulder, #Osteoarthritis, #Tendinopathy, #ChronicPain and beyond.

So what does that mean for your injury rehabilitation / prevention? One hell of a lot! Therapists typically don’t receive structured education on the menopause, instead we acquire this knowledge as we go through the Menopause ourselves.

For menopausal clients we need to take into account all of the above when assessing and deciding on a suitable rehabilitation programmes. From day to day our client’s needs can vary massively, both emotionally and physically. And on top of all of this, they are often the beating heart of their family and struggle to prioritise their own needs.

So if you know you are (or suspect you might be) on the menopause spectrum, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to get the support of someone who understands your journey and is walking in your shoes?

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