Looking forward whilst taking a breather!

11th April 2021

March was definitely a challenging month for me.

A particular highlight being #Shingles. I am gradually recovering. Rebuilding my tolerance to activities without feeling like I need to sleep all the time! The key element for my recovery has been practicing what I preach. Incremental re-introduction of activities, progressive rebuilding of strength, sleeping when I need to, eating when I need to and focusing on my over all wellbeing.

A particular highlight for me was taking a 3 day weekend over the Easter celebrations to do nothing more than sleep, eat and read. I was discombobulated for the rest of the week but it was well worth it for my energy levels!

Now that I am recovered I am already looking forward to some key dates in my diary:

12th April 2021

We are reopening for in-person treatments at Balanced Bodies. If you have pain, discomfort or just want to be more at ease with your body, please do get in touch.

17th April 2021

We are collaborating with the amazing Shanagh Telford for our next #MenoBodies to talk all about #homeopathy and the #Menopause as part of the first in our series on #alternativetherapies. To sign up please click here.

1st May 2021

We are proud to start a month long collaboration with ABRI, East Hampshire District Council, Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust and Community First to celebrate the #SpringIntoHealth Festival.

You can also find out more about it here.

Oh, and somewhere in all of that I will be celebrating my birthday too!