Life After Surgery…

9th January 2023

What do you do after surgery?

We regularly see clients at Balanced Bodies who are somewhere down the road of recovering from surgery. Maybe a hip or knee replacement. Perhaps surgery to the spine, foot or hand. It could be an arthroscopy or treating a shoulder dislocation. Perhaps treatment for an ACL injury. Maybe even someone who’s had cosmetic surgery or recovering from a car crash.  Even treatment for scoliosis surgery.

Either way, balancing the needs of your body’s recovery timeline with rehabilitation is a delicate balance. Increasingly, we see clients who have surgery but no follow on rehabilitation provided. Occasionally, we see clients who have already received great early stage rehab, but need a little extra support to get them back on their feet. That might be for work, leisure or sport.

It’s definitely worth working with a rehabilitation specialist who can save you time (and money). Plus, as trusted professionals, we take the stress | fear | uncertainty out of your recovery. We want to see you living your best life as soon as possible, pain free and with complete confidence in your body!

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