Keeping the cost of rehab down!

22nd June 2023

We get it – financially it is really sucking right now with the cost of living crisis. 

Day to day, we come across a lot of people (outside of the clinic room) who are suffering through injuries. Today alone, I’ve come across 2 bad backs, an old hamstring injury, a sore neck, a wrist injury, and a painful hip. Those are just people who are just out and about, suffering with no plan to do anything about it. Because they feel they can put up with the injury / pain.

It’s hard spending money on yourself at the moment when you’re worried about outgoings. Especially as you don’t want to get drawn into a cycle of unending treatments.

At Balanced Bodies, we work hard to provide a rehab experience that fits the needs of our clients. So we won’t just give a massage because it feels good. A massage or manipulation won’t make the issue go away. Instead we try to give you real value for money and give you the knowledge to do it yourself. Saving money. The analogy about teaching someone to fish versus feeding them suits this situation. By teaching you how to rehabilitate yourself, you recover for a lifetime, not just the next 24 hours. 

We want to get our clients through the rehab process as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring that their needs are met. We don’t just take your money for a treatment that we know won’t resolve the issue. We definitely don’t need to see you several times per week. As soon as we can get you pain free, we spin you off with a clear structure for recovery and only need to check in occasionally until we have reached a very clear end goal.

So if you’re nursing an injury at the moment and reluctant to spend money because you don’t want to get drawn into a never ending cycle, then please get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation to find out how we can help you save money!