Is it all in the mind?

16th January 2023

I work within a biopsychosocial framework. That’s a big word to basically say that I don’t tackle the injury in isolation. I also address factors around your mental health and wellbeing. These all directly impact your injury experience.

Donkey years ago the medical community took a biomedical approach. This meant that they focused only on the “ouch” point.

As research evolved, we saw a relationship between pain and our mental health. If you want to learn something really cool about our pain experience then check out this TEDxTalk by Lorimer Moseley, and prepare to be wowed!

This does not mean that your experience is all in your head. Far from it! Our mental wellbeing has a very direct impact on the way we experience our injuries.

When I spend time with my clients I’m paying careful attention to the words they use. The emotions they share. The highs. The lows. And everything in between. Only tackling the injury is a job half done. Funnily enough my sessions involve a lot of listening. OK, you caught me! I talk a fair bit too! 

I’m not a counsellor or psychologist. But I’m trained to watch out for the nuances of how our mental health impacts on pain and injury recovery. Sometimes, it’s creating a safe space for my clients to acknowledge an issue. But there’s a big part that involves sign-posting my clients to additional support. It doesn’t mean their rehab journey stops with me. Excellent care often involves more than one practitioner involved.

So please don’t be surprised if I start asking about how everything is at home or work! I’m just doing my job in helping you get the best possible recovery experience.

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