Injury Rehab and Illness

18th March 2021

I am slowly returning to normalcy as I shake off the viruses that have been loitering for the last 2+ weeks. I have a plan to record a lovely little mobility flow tomorrow morning to give you some ideas on how to move when you aren’t feeling very well.

For today, let’s look at some ways to tackle your rehab when you are feeling unwell!

If you are a habitual exerciser like me (I love to do 3 strength sessions per week, a pilates class and then as much hiking / walking as I can cram in) then you might find the prospect of sitting down doing nothing at all a really horrible thought! For me, I know that if I decondition too much my back, neck and shoulders get irritable so even when I am feeling unwell I try to do the following:

1) Respect the fever. If I have a temperature I rest.

2) If I am tired, I sleep

3) If I am hungry I eat – though I place the emphasis on packing in LOTS of nutritious foods to make sure that my body gets all the vitamins, minerals and energy it needs to fight off the virus and heal

4) I might be as weak as a kitten but I try to move little and often. Even if it is just getting off the sofa and stumbling around the house for a few minutes, this really helps to keep me loose

5) I won’t do a full exercise session when I am ill – to me it makes no sense to divert important resources in my body towards healing muscles when they are needed to support my immune system HOWEVER, lying on the ground and getting a really good stretch in is an absolute lifesaver! Low energy, it feels great and I feel better afterwards for moving just a little

6) And talking of exercise, when I do start to feel better, I don’t just immediately dive back in to a major work out. No, I take it slow and build back up incrementally. Initially low sets / reps and only body weight. I am not an athlete, there is no need for me to rush back. But little and often in the first few weeks means that you aren’t set too far back on your recovery journey!

If maintenance massages & manipulations aren’t helping you shake off an injury: Get in touch. After all, don’t you think you deserve to prioritise yourself for once?