How we helped a client go from immobility to marathons

20th June 2022

Before coming to see us, Emily had been struggling with a knee injury for some time. With the pain getting increasingly worse and Emily unable to even walk at points, it was a stroke of luck when she came across one of our social media posts and decided to get in touch. 

In our initial meeting, Emily mentioned being a keen runner, which, unfortunately, her injury had put a stop to. We shared Emily’s concerns and were determined to get her back to what she loved.

The journey to recovery from injury

Before we began building an injury rehab plan and assigning exercises, we wanted to learn about Emily’s injury and lifestyle in more detail so that we could build a rehabilitation programme around her specific requirements. After the initial consultation and detailed assessment of her situation, we set Emily some targeted stretches and mobility initially to focus on at home.

After a month of gradual progression using the stretches and mobility to restore pain-free movement, we began to integrate strength training into Emily’s routine. As an additional step, Emily took on our Pilates classes to support the rehab journey. During the Pilates sessions, she worked within a small group of other individuals on their own injury rehab journeys, undertaking a personalised programme. Emily’s tailored exercises were embarked under the watchful eye of Joanna, who provided personal feedback and adjustments, whilst Emily also benefited from all the camaraderie and support of the group. To ensure everything was progressing at the correct pace, Emily came in for a few check-ups along the way, and we were pleased to note positive progress at each step! 

Following a few more months of consistently keeping up with her exercise routine, by March 2021 Emily was finally back to what she loved doing most – running! 

A great result for another injury rehab client

By the summer of 2021, Emily’s injury rehabilitation journey was fully complete and she was a proud Balanced Bodies graduate. Reflecting on her experience at our clinic, Emily said, “The thing I really like about Joanna is she really teaches you. As well as doing the exercises and healing my knee, I’ve been learning.” 

We were so pleased to learn from Emily that she has “no pain whatsoever” anymore and have been so proud of her progress as she recently completed a marathon in April 2022! 

If you feel stuck in a position similar to Emily’s before she came to us, this is your sign to get in touch! Contact us today to get your injury rehabilitation journey on the road.