How we helped a runner avoid surgery

13th May 2022

How we helped a client avoid minor back surgery through non-invasive injury rehabilitation

After falling in love with running, Paul started training in his late twenties with a view of working towards running marathons. But after years of a niggling lower back, he felt lost as to the way forward and how to continue to enjoy running without causing further damage or pain.

With his injuries causing a cast over his goal of marathon running, Paul’s perspective changed. Instead, he decided his goal was to get back to running for general fitness and to place more emphasis on his health, rather than distance running. 

Despite some success from this new strategy, when the pain and discomfort caused by running became too much to handle, Paul sought help and it seemed that surgery was looking like the only option. Keen to explore other options, he reached out to Balanced Bodies to discuss possible alternatives to surgery. 

How we built an injury-rehabilitation focussed programme based on the goal of our client

During his initial consultation, Joanna assessed Paul’s capabilities and from there, worked to form a pilates and strengthening based programme to build new foundations of strength for better support.

With Paul’s goal in mind, Joanna created a bespoke rehab plan catered to his needs. Although Paul was previously familiar with a range of exercises, especially from his running experience, he embraced Joanna’s set plan, which he described as “far more holistic”.  

One step closer to your wellness and movement goals

It’s exciting for us to see Paul’s commitment pay off, with him now picking up running again with more ease. Paul has made great progress towards his goals already and we continue to work with him to tweak the programme as necessary for maintained impact and optimal results.

Paul commented on his injury rehabilitation journey with Balanced Bodies so far, “Joanna looks in between the lines for the problem that is causing the pain and aggravation and works out how to solve it.”

If you have a niggling pain, whether from day to day activities or from specific exercises, why not book in for a free 20-minute consultation with Joanna?