How to avoid injury when trying new exercises

29th April 2022

New Year, New Injuries!

We’re now in April, Spring is upon us, the days are getting longer. I think it’s fair to say the New Year is definitely in full swing! With a few months under our belt since we stepped into 2022, we’ve all had a good opportunity to give our New Year’s Resolutions a shot. If you’re anything like me, some of those goals for the year involved sporting activities or trying a different type of exercise! Getting outside of your comfort zone is a great thing, however sometimes trying new things comes with a risk factor, and with sports that risk is often injury.

A common New Years’ Resolution is to get back into fitness and exercise, and as an Injury Rehabilitation clinic, we see many clients come in after pushing themselves too far too soon, particularly if they are out of practice. From heading into the gym and lifting weights with incorrect form, to sprained ankles after running in uneven surfaces, we’ve seen it all! When it comes to exercise regimes, we can find it difficult to let ourselves off the hook. We think that taking things too lightly or giving ourselves a day off will prevent us from achieving our goals, but this isn’t true. Overtraining and overuse of the muscles can lead to severe or persistent injuries, requiring you to be out of action for far longer than a simple rest day. The old adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ springs to mind here!

So, how to prevent injury when embarking on a new fitness regime?

Firstly, perfecting a safe exercise technique is vital before increasing difficulty levels. If your form or technique isn’t optimal you may be more at risk of injury. 

Next, start with the right equipment. You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations, so investing in the best workout equipment will make your journey a lot easier and allow you to exercise knowing that the footing is solid.

Make sure you are creating a balance between exercise and everything else! Instead of adopting fitness as a whole new lifestyle, make it work within your current routine. You don’t have to give up everything else in order to make exercise work for you. Don’t neglect rest days, having a good diet, or sleep. Including all of these things into your fitness goals will help to see optimal results.

Finally, talk to a professional! We are specialists in our field and have trained for years to be able to help you with whatever troubles you’re facing. Whether you have an injury concern or are just seeking advice on how to build your confidence towards exercise, we are here to help. We are happiest when we see you thrive, so get in touch for a free consultation to see how we can best help you.