How do you pick the right therapist for you?

6th February 2023

Pain is a great motivator. People make decisions fast in order to get treatment when they’re in #pain. But even then it can be really confusing as to where to start. After all, there’s so many options!

Do you see a #Chiropractor, #Physiotherapist, #Osteopath, #Masseuse, #Acupuncturist or #SportsTherapist? Where do all of these different therapists cross over? Also, what about if you have more than one injury that’s bugging you?

Faced with so many options it’s not surprising that a lot of people turn to friends and family for recommendations. But how can you be sure that their preferences are going to meet your own needs? Injury rehabilitation is a really personal experience.

This is why we do things differently at Balanced Bodies. We know that we’re not the right option for every person we speak to. BUT we know that we are the best option for those that engage with us.

We believe in complete transparency and we offer all prospective clients a #FREE 20 minute consultation. We put out money where our mouth is!

This gives us a chance to check that we can definitely help you. It also gives us a chance to share our approach to rehab and answer any questions you may have. 

Injury rehabilitation is such an important journey, that we feel really strongly that you should be fully informed before making a decision. 

We don’t put pressure on you to commit. Purely because we put so much of our time, care and effort into each of our clients, that we want to ensure that they are fully engaged before they start. So we give prospective clients the freedom to make a decision without feeling like they’ve been pushed into something. This really improves their chances of a successful, sustainable, long-term recovery! 

So how does this impact those wanting to make a fast decision and be seen quickly? We strive to speak to any prospective clients the same day and plan to get those in acute pain in the clinic within 48 hours of first contact.