Helping a client regain shoulder mobility

19th April 2022

When a client was in need of support for her loss of shoulder mobility after being in a sling, research led her to us. Convinced by what she saw, she got in touch and has been consistently working with us to regain her movement.

Our approach to helping a client recover from a fractured arm

Keen to make a start on restoring full mobility, we used manual therapy and soft tissue therapy throughout the process to start mobilising her shoulder joint and re-establishing optimal movement patterns, even using K-Tape on her as part of the movement pattern re-education. Combined with these face-to-face sessions, we devised an injury rehabilitation programme that would fit her easily triggered shock reaction while bringing maximum benefit. This was through a combination of clinic appointments for one-to-one work and review with Joanna, ‘homework’ in the form of a programme of tailored stretches and exercises.

She said “It’s great to work with Joanna as she focuses on the real-life impact of injuries and how to address these. With her knowledge, she knows how pain and strength are related to different muscular groups. She sought to teach me the muscle groups and understand my body and rehab journey better. I haven’t had that from previous professionals I’ve seen, like the physio I saw immediately after I fractured my arm.”

Another observation she made was how she liked Joanna’s personal approach to helping her recover, “She very quickly identified the best way that I would understand and learn. She’s always so pleased to see me so that she can see the progress.” she said. 

Gradual, sustained improvement for the win!

We love seeing clients progress from injury and return to their previous states of mobility. In cases such as these when our clients are efficient at doing their homework, progress levels often fly through the roof and we see them making massive leaps forward. We delight in her progress each week, seeing her miles ahead of her original goals!