Gone Fishing…. For a Massage

28th February 2023

There’s a proverb:

If you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. If you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime

This succinctly summarises our approach. For us the fish are treatments. That could be massage. Or dry needling. Or myofascial release. Or trigger point work. Or the latest electrotherapy gimmick. In our case, we get asked regularly to provide massages or to “crack someones back or neck”. Regardless of the type, they offer temporary solutions. They are not long term sustainable recovery.

Our version of teaching someone to fish is showing our clients how to recover from injury. Guiding our clients to get stronger, more flexible, more agile.┬áSure, there’s still massage involved on occasion. And manual therapy (joint work). But they are part of an overall goal to get you moving. Believe it or not, movement is the key to recover. Not treatments. Treatments are a tool to get you moving.

So the next time you’re reaching out to a therapist for a treatment, take a moment to stop and think: Are they helping me just for today, or are they going to teach me to recover in a sustainable way?

And if you want a massage: make sure to find an experienced Massage Therapist. They’re experts at what they do. We can even recommend some local practitioners if you want a referral!