Feeling stiff, bloated and sore over Christmas?

26th December 2022

Despite the hype of a wonderful Christmas, it’s really normal to feel mentally and physically uncomfortable over the Christmas holidays. Our routines are shot to pieces. A possible avalanche of food leaving us feeling bloated. Or perhaps this year, an uncomfortable day spent huddled under blankets to ward off the cold. Spending time in close quarters with our family, or feeling isolated due to a solitary holiday. All of these things can leave us feeling fragile. 

It’s not surprising that our bodies offer up new aches and pains as a result. So what’s the answer?


It doesn’t need to be excessive. But just a little movement goes a long way. It might be a walk, instead of a drive, to the local shop to pick some milk. It could be a chance to meet a friend or to take a break from everyone and go on your own. 

Being outside and walking, or cycling, or running for that matter, are guaranteed to help improve your Christmas experience. Even the most stiff and sore of bodies will feel a little better for moving around.