Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Christmas

1st December 2021

After last years’ festivities were kept to a minimum, this year we deserve to have fun with family and friends (safely, of course), and that means not letting your injury write off your Christmas! 

In the lead up to the holidays, many of us ramp up our exercise routines in preparation for a bit of festive indulgence, but if your body isn’t prepared for this change, in pace or intensity, it can lead to unwanted, lingering injuries that don’t just impact your ability to exercise, but can also cause you daily pain. 

Too often as an Injury Rehabilitation Therapist, my clients come to me after weeks, or even months, of suffering and trying to ignore their pain. Sometimes injuries can recover with rest, but seeking help is the best way to figure out exactly what has happened and the best course of action for lasting recovery and rehabilitation. 

If you’re suffering with an injury, or you have a lingering pain that you know can easily get triggered, preventative rehabilitation work can be really effective in making sure you stay pain-free over the Christmas period and enjoy all the festivities to the fullest. 

I really do urge you to seek out expert help with an injury or pain before the Christmas period and clinic holidays, so as to avoid any emergency Christmas morning twinges. 

What to do if you injure yourself over Christmas…

Life doesn’t always go to plan (despite hopes of a Christmas miracle), so if you do find yourself in pain over Christmas, here’s some guidance from the NHS about how to deal with an injury at home: 

  • Rest the affected part of the body for the first 48 to 72 hours to prevent further damage 
  • Regularly apply an ice pack to the affected area during the first 48 to 72 hours to reduce swelling.  You might find that an ice pack gives relief BUT do be careful to not burn your skin, so use the ice sparingly every few hours and use a towel as a barrier between the ice pack and your skin (if you steal the Christmas veg, make sure you replace it before lunch!) 
  • Use painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to relieve pain* 

*Only take if this is suitable and does not conflict with any current medication or health conditions 

Disclaimer: There are some injuries that really do need immediate medical attention so check the NHS website to learn more about your pain and whether it could be more serious. 

If you do find yourself in pain over the Christmas period, I am offering some emergency appointments on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but the best way to make sure your pain doesn’t impact on Christmas is to come and see me as soon as you feel those niggling aches, pains or injuries. 

Balanced Bodies Christmas Opening Hours

  • Normal clinic opening hours until end of 24th December. 
  • Available on Christmas Day and Boxing Day for emergency appointments only. 
  • Open bank holidays 27th & 28th December for emergency appointments only. 
  • Clinic closed 29th December –3rd January. 
  • Normal clinic opening hours from 4th January.  

Don’t ignore the build up signs, this is your body telling you that something more painful could be just around the corner. If you’d like to chat about how I could help with an ache, pain or injury before coming to see me then get in touch for your free 20-minute consultation. We’ll make sure to figure out the best plan to make sure you have a pain-free festive break! 

Know someone that could benefit from a session with me? Give the gift of a pain-free 2022 with a gift voucher for treatment at the Balanced Bodies Rehabilitation Clinic. We offer Sports Massages and 1:1 Rehabilitation Treatment options so your loved one can start the new year feeling their best.  

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