Do you have a sore bottom from sitting down too much?

24th February 2021

Whilst it is easy to imagine the work of a Rehab Therapist as being being all about administering massages, exercises or manual therapy, a big chunk of my work requires brain power and creativity, now more than ever when everything is virtual.

I am a big believer in using the resources we have available at home. I don’t like to send clients off with a big shopping list of equipment to buy that they won’t ever use again, particularly at a time when money is pretty tight for most of us.

So the image you see is me being creative for a client with an irritated #Coccyx! Acquired from sitting down too long whilst working during Lockdown.

All it took was two cushions strategically rolled and off they went!

The big question is: How have you been creative working at home?

By the way, does anyone else have multiple chairs for office working? I seem to like variety depending on the mood…..