Cycling & Poor Posture

2nd April 2021

#Cycling has brought me considerable joy. Back in 2014, I hadn’t been on a bike in about 20 years. I was fat, unfit and with a painful lower back. Long story short, I got back on a #bike. It all kicked off when a Spanish bike instructor misunderstood my desire for a nice bike ride and pushed me off the side of a #mountain. By some small miracle I survived and by the bottom I was in love. With a bike.

Back home in Berlin I had purchased my first #MountainBike. Its capacity far outstripped my abilities but this piece of machinery brought me unadulterated joy. Always one to subscribe to the Go Big or Go Home mentality, mere months later I acquired a road bike and took myself off to the #FrenchAlps to ride. Baptism by fire! The picture you see was me half way through a ride on my 4th day. The first day, I had to learn how to ride clipped to the pedals. By the final day I was battered, bruised and the tiredest I have ever been having ridden some pretty challenging mountain passes but elated. I went on to ride around the Sierra Nevada’s in south Spain, up and down the coastline of Barcelona, around Mallorca, and all around Berlin.

Bike riding taught me a lot. About #resilience, #perseverance, #overcomingfear and most importantly about #posture. If you get it wrong everything hurts. Shoulders creeping up towards your ears, locked out elbows, incorrect saddle position, sagging onto the handlebars…. the list is considerable. #Poorposture is unforgiving on long bike rides. #Neckpain, #shoulderpain, #wristpain, #kneepain, #lowerbackpain, you name it. And we’ve all seen the cyclists slogging up the roads swaying from side to side with #fatigue with each pedal revolution as sheer #willpower carries them forward.

If you experience some of these issues, you may find that it is killing your enjoyment of riding. So what about if I tell you that it’s possible to have a very different experience? In fact such a different experience that you end up riding stronger and faster than before?

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