Could Injury Rehabilitation Save You from Surgery?

28th October 2021

Nobody wants to be told they need surgery to stop their pain.

For many people, it’s a last resort and for good reason. Depending on the degree of the surgery, it can take a real toll on your body, put you out of action, and in some cases, potentially not go to plan – not to mention the stress and anxiety of all of those things.

But when you’re experiencing daily pain, you’ll do what you need to make it go away – right? Well, what if there was a way to live pain-free and avoid surgery?

If you’ve read one of my latest blog posts, Trigger Finger, you’ll know that we helped a client avoid surgery they were dreading with one simple exercise. Though it sounds too good to be true, (and by no means are we promising this will be the case for all our clients), we were able to leave the client symptom-free and avoid the mental and physical strain of surgery.

How we helped a client avoid ‘Trigger Finger’ surgery…

After Client A’s diagnosis of ‘Trigger Finger’ and unsuccessful trial of injections, they were told that surgery was the only option. After some honest discussions about their symptoms and fears of surgery, we considered an alternative solution that would treat the nerves rather than the tendons.

Safe to say they were delighted to find a non-surgical cure for their pain. If you’d like to read in more detail – check out the full post here.

We’re not saying that it’s always possible to cure an injury with rehabilitation treatment, but in many cases, we can help you move away from daily pain and find comfort again. If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to improve your pain or treat an injury,

Keen to try out injury rehab but can’t find the funds?

Did you know we are a teaching clinic? With help of my injury Rehabilitation Student, I’m offering a handful of heavily discounted sessions by Cameron and supervised by me. The cost of these 30-minute sessions will be £15.00, simply to cover the cost of clinic  .

It’s an introduction to rehabilitation for you and a great way for Cameron to get hands-on practice  my careful supervision. These sessions will be limited depending on availability so if you are interested in these sessions or your free 20-minute consultation with me, please do get in touch!

Nobody should be in pain – we are here to help.