Changing Places

24th November 2022

Season changes seem to bring about life changes from what we can tell here at Balanced Bodies!

Over the last months we’ve been on the hunt for the right clinic spaces to work from, whilst continuing to support our lovely clients.

We are delighted with our (not so new now) #Petersfield home at The Centre of Complementary Medicine. Working as part of a broader team of specialists from different skill sets has really complemented the way we work at Balanced Bodies!

For #Alton, there’s definitely been a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as we find the right space for us. We are eternally grateful to the patience of our clients here. We are excited to announce a new clinic space, courtesy of the wonderful team at Compleet Feet. This well established podiatry clinic will provide a perfect counterbalance to our work. We see the start of a beautiful collaboration developing.

And finally, our third clinic space! We tried Liss but it didn’t quite feel right, so for the last months we’ve contented ourselves with Alton and Petersfield. And then, a week ago, we stumbled across a beautiful little space in #Ropley. Details are being ironed out as we type this!