Building back resilience through injury rehabilitation

10th March 2022

“I just felt like everything was collapsing around me” – How we helped a client build back resilience through injury rehabilitation and regain mobility

After meeting at a networking event and learning more about what Balanced Bodies offers, Janette approached Joanna to discuss a niggling injury in more detail.  

The background to Janette’s journey started when she began experiencing excruciating pain in her back, hip and leg over a period of months. This was was a highly traumatic experience for Janette, as she was living with severe pain and mobility issues. Despite several appointments with other healthcare professionals, little help was offered beyond painkillers which caused more problems than they resolved! Janette was eventually offered an MRI scan which helped identify the cause of the pain and mobility impairment: a large facet joint cyst pressing on her sciatic nerve. Following an operation to remove this, Janette was left with pain plus long-lasting joint and nerve issues.

Identifying Janette’s needs and beginning on the road to recovery

Janette was keen to explore the possibilities of an injury rehabilitation programme to see if further improvements could be made. After an initial free consultation, we started with a few virtual sessions, due to COVID, and began to identify the problems and ways in which we could combat them through tailored, targeted stretching and clinical pilates, set at a level that was workable for Janette, with just the right level of challenge. 

In discussion, Janette shared that she had already been through lots of rehab therapy with a physiotherapist in an attempt to recover but while progress was made, when the therapy sessions stopped, she felt her recovery and mobility regressed and she often ended up back at square one. 

We understood Janette’s frustration and were determined to form the right recovery plan that would be most effective in enabling her to understand her injury better. 

Following a period of online rehab therapy sessions to tackle the initial concerns, we then built on this following an in-person 1-2-1 appointment with Joanna, after which we further adapted the next set of exercises to Janette’s changing needs. We explored manual therapy early in Janette’s rehab protocol, however found that her injuries reacted to this badly. This meant we needed to change our approach and instead crafted a programme of rehab exercises to help her recovery.

Seeing results and making a difference

After completing a range of pilates based exercises to help strengthen her muscles around the joint area and build back strength, Janette began to feel less pain and tension. We provided nerve flosses to reduce her aggressive pins and needles, and soon enough she felt she could do the things that she hadn’t been able to do for a long time.  

A great response from a lovely client

Janette was very happy with our help and continues to receive support from us with weekly strength classes for her fitness. She kindly expressed that Joanna “Cares about her clients and getting them to the best place that they possibly can be.”

“She just makes you comfortable with her and trust her. I think that is really important, especially if you’re in a lot of pain or suffering, knowing you can trust somebody.”

“I personally feel like I will always be indebted to her for giving me that back.”

We offer a free initial zoom consultation to all prospective clients considering starting an injury rehab programme. If you’re in pain and are looking to build back your resilience through injury rehabilitation, book a consultation with us today