Avoiding surgery for Trigger Finger

25th January 2022

‘You don’t have to suffer’ – how we helped a client avoid surgery for Trigger Finger.

Debbie approached us in 2020 after seeing one of our articles pop up on Facebook. As she had been suffering with a sore hip, when she saw our article, entitled  ‘You don’t have to suffer’ Debbie was interested and wanted to find out more. Debbie said, ‘I was intrigued by what I read and was ready to give anything a try to ease my ongoing pain.’

Getting Debbie’s injury rehab journey underway

Debbie initially came in for a 1-2-1 in person rehab-session with us to discuss her history, problem areas and main goals so we could get an idea of how we would be able to help.

We started Debbie with Strong Bodies, our strength class, to try and tackle her hip pain. When lockdown struck, Debbie was working from home and so decided to take up more classes with us. Just before joining one of our stretching classes, Debbie hurt her back and went to Joanna for help. Joanna used a combination of stretching and mobility exercises initially to help sooth her back in the early stages when it was most sore, then moved Debbie onto pilates classes to develop her postural awareness and control whilst strengthening her up and helping movement come more comfortably, taking away her fear. 

Resolving a secondary injury and avoiding surgery for Trigger Finger

During conversation, Debbie mentioned she had separately been to the hospital for a routine check up, when she was informed that trigger finger surgery was needed. Trigger Finger is an issue related to tendons. Understandably, she was shocked at the prospect of surgery being the first solution… We shared her concerns and were curious to explore if there were other avenues to be pursued first, before surgery.  

We saw Debbie at our clinic to go through her injury history in detail. Through discussion, gentle physical mobilisations and observation, we assessed that Debbie was exhibiting nerve symptoms as opposed to tendon issues that are associated with Trigger Finger, the two being very different structures. Based on this assessment, we gave Debbie some exercises to do and within 6 weeks, we were thrilled to hear from Debbie that the problem had disappeared; “Now I no longer have to have surgery! It’s amazing really.”

Lovely feedback from a happy client

Debbie is now continuing with pilates and reaping its benefits. Over the first 12 months’ of Debbie’s rehab journey, she reports that her mobility has improved and her pain levels are far less than before; “I go to see Joanna whenever I get an unusual pain and each time she is able to resolve it for me.”

“I feel in safe hands with Joanna and exercise and injury rehab doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. She has 100% changed my attitude towards exercise and healthier living, I’m now living with managed pain.” 

“Joanna is non-judgemental and considered my injury in the round, tailoring a plan that worked for me. The balance of 1-2-1 sessions, Zoom pilates sessions and my own work, has led to great benefits. With Covid ever-present, it is also reassuring that Joanna is meticulous about sanitising and PPE, making sure you feel safe and protected, whilst still benefiting from 1-2-1 in person sessions when needed.”

Photography: Mark Hankins