A Summertime Clinic Catch-up!

1st July 2021

Happy July everyone! There’s been so much going on at the Balanced Bodies Clinic so I thought this month, it was time for a clinic catch up.

If you’ve been following the Balanced Bodies journey for a while on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, you’ll have an idea of all the brilliant things that have been happening, but for those of you who aren’t social media inclined or just prefer to have everything in one place – here’s a big old round up for you!

We’ve moved!

First up, and probably most importantly, we’ve moved! Don’t worry we’re still local, but the new home of Balanced Bodies is now at BASE in Bordon. It’s a brilliant new space for my 1:1 consultations and treatment sessions and I am loving it so far. Here are some snaps…

Fancy a closer look? Come to work with me! Last month I took my Instagram followers into the clinic to have a sneak peek at what I get up to in a day at Balanced Bodies – virtually of course, it would’ve been a bit of a squeeze otherwise! Watch the reel here for a snippet of my busy day…

The team is growing!

New clinic and new team member! The lovely Lisa has joined the Balanced Bodies team as my Virtual Assistant, and it’s been a game-changer already.

Always learning…

Every day is a school day, right? There’s a huge amount of training and learning that goes into what I do as a Graduate Sports Therapist, so getting a refresh is the perfect way to stay on top of your practices and find new and exciting opportunities…

In June I renewed my qualification in Sports Trauma Management – it’s an in-depth course all about managing injuries or ‘sports traumas’ including advanced first aid and airway management, as well as fractures of the neck and spine. This is absolutely critical for the work I do at sports events. This is absolutely critical for the work I do at sports events.

It’s always great to keep your knowledge refreshed, but this particular qualification renewal was to kick off some work with a very exciting local organisation; Alton Rugby Football Club!
It’s been in the works for some time, but I’m so happy to announce that I’ll be working with the local club to provide injury and advanced first aid support during Alton Rugby and Football Club matches. Sports is obviously a big passion of mine, so it’s amazing to be working closely with the local club and being there should anything go wrong.

Fancy a marathon? How about an ultra-marathon?

No, I won’t be participating in the ultra-marathon, but I will be on hand for support during the Serpent Trail Event on 3rd July! I’ll be working alongside other Graduate Sports Therapists providing runners with massages, first aid support and guidance on how to continue . Running long distances can take a huge toll on your body so it’s great to be there to provide whatever support these athletes need.

Fancy coming along to cheer on the runners? This 100km race is being held at Petersfield Rugby Club and the runners will be going all around the Petersfield/ Midhurst area, so if you’re local and see some runners out, I’m sure some smiles, waves and moral support would be much appreciated!

Hypermobility isn’t just about party tricks!

Ever been at a dinner party and someone’s shown you how they can twist or contort their body in a way that somehow amazes you and puts you off your dinner at the same time? Me too!
But there’s more to hypermobility than party tricks! In fact, hypermobility is not a particularly well-understood condition; while it is typically associated with flexible joints, people can also experience issues with the connective tissues throughout their bodies, including their heart and stomach.

Many of my clients experience the less well-known symptoms of hypermobility, such as IBS or gut issues, which have often gone undiagnosed due to the condition being not particularly well understood.

I strongly believe everyone should have a good understanding of their bodies – why they are experiencing pain, what the root cause of their issue is and why their body is reacting a certain way to something. That being said, I thought it was important that I help my own clients understand their condition better, so I will be taking a much-anticipated booster course run by Pilates Therapy and expert Bonnie Southgate all about hypermobility in order to understand it on a deeper level and help my clients do the same.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that you think could be related to hypermobility, please get in touch for a chat with me! I offer a free 20-minute consultation so we can talk through all of your concerns and try to come up with a solution together!

What’s happening at MenoBodies?

For those of you who don’t know, MenoBodies are monthly events that I host to break down the taboo of the menopause and help women come to terms with its often-infuriating symptoms. I have guest speakers who come along each month to talk about a variety of topics; previous months have included; nutrition, sleep, relationships, homeopathy and many more.

It’s a safe space for women to learn, chat and feel supported through these weird, confusing times. All the events are totally free, so come along and give it a go! This month, I’m honoured to have Sheila Price, Grief Recovery Specialist as our guest speaker to talk about grief and the menopause. You can reserve your space here – remember, there’s no judgement, it’s just a community of women here to learn, share and support each other!

I’ve also been interviewed recently for a social enterprise entrepreneur scheme for my Menopause work which I am thrilled about – it’s great to know that this work means as much to other women as it does to me! However, at this time I’ve decided to delay my application so I can focus all my energies on the clinic as we continue to grow!

Fancy a free session on me?

Prize-winner, Sue, had her free session with me a few weeks ago and this is what she said,
“I was lucky enough to win a rehab session with Joanna and she was extremely friendly and helpful! Would thoroughly recommend her.”
Fancy a free session? I may be doing another giveaway soon on my Instagram, so make sure you’re following me for a chance to get your aches and pains looked at for free!

So… it’s been a busy start to the summer to say the least, but I couldn’t be happier! If you’ve got to the end, (well done) you are fully caught up with me for July, but if you’d like to stay in the loop, you can sign up to receive my monthly newsletter, or follow us on social media here; Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Remember, I also offer a free 20-minute consultation, so please don’t suffer in silence. If you’ve got an ache, pain or injury that’s been niggling at you, just give me a ring and we can figure it out together. You can book in for a free consultation !