Are you thinking about how the menopause is impacting your body?

Have you noticed that you’re getting more injuries alongside your (peri)menopause symptoms?

With our sex hormones in decline from out 30s, it is hardly surprising that when it comes to conditions like frozen shoulder, women form 70% of the effected population.

But, with so many women living through the menopause, trying to gain support from your medical community can be incredibly challenging.

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With symptoms ranging from hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia, pins & needles, urinary incontinence, joint pain, migraines, hair loss, nightmares, brain fog and beyond, by the time women pluck up the courage to ask for help, they are regularly knocked back and given anti-depressants instead.

This is why at Balanced Bodies we are committed to creating a safe space for (peri)menopausal women to receive injury rehabilitation and prevention support.

Whether you just want an empathetic ear to talk to about symptoms such as urinary incontinence or need a knowledgeable therapist to sign post you to relevant resources – we are the people to support you!

Balanced Bodies was established with the aim of supporting and celebrating women as we age.

When our founder, Joanna, started experiencing a whole host of menopause symptoms, it took her some time to figure out what it all meant!

Realising that many women are too embarrassed or ashamed to ask questions about the menopause, Joanna set out to de-stigmatise the discussion.

Whilst the MenoBodies events are on the back burner for now, we wanted to leave the resources below for your reference!


Over the duration of our work, we have had these resources shared with us by the community of the Hampshire Menopause Support Group and our MenoBodies expert speakers. Due diligence should always be undertaken when reviewing this information but we hope that it will help you navigate your journey!

  • Useful Websites – Not only can you book appointments for private Menopause support, but there are some fabulous free resources here ranging from podcasts through to booklets. Please do take your time and let us know your favourites

  • Useful Apps


    Smiling Mind

    Incontinence / Pelvic Floor


    Menopause Guidance



  • Social Media


    • drsarahmollyball
    • menopause-doctor
    • themenocharity
    • manchestermenopausehive
    • dr.rebecca.lewis
    • emmas_nutrition
    • dr.hannah.short
    • dianedanzebrink
    • makemenopausematter
    • my_menopausal_vagina
    • lizearlewellbeing
    • drjacquelineboden
  • Books

    • Haynes Menopause Manual – Dr Louise Newson
    • Oestrogen Matters -Dr Avrum Bluming
    • XX Brain – Lisa Mosconi
    • Me & My Menopausal Vagina – Jane Lewis ( podcast 011, 067 Newson Health )
    • The New Hot – Meg Mathews
    • Sailing Through Menopause – Miranda Castro Homeopathy
  • Breast Cancer & Menopause