We believe that no one should have to live with aches, pains or injuries.

We know that everyone deserves to be centre stage in getting the help they need. Our goal is to put you in the driving seat of your injury recovery journey.

Options available for you

There isn’t much we don’t tackle! Whether you have

There is something for everyone!

Injury Rehab pain

How does 121 rehab work?

It’s really simple:

  • We give you a free 20-minute consult to start so you can make sure we are the right therapist for you!
  • When it comes to your first appointment:
    • We listen to your injury history and assess you,
    • If you’re in pain we use our hands to help ease your symptoms,
  • We send you home with a bespoke plan (we always email through comprehensive notes so you don’t have to guess at what you are doing)
  • We are contactable virtually 24/7 (ok, maybe not when we’re sleeping),
  • Follow up appointments are as needed.

Great customer care is really important to us:

  • We want to make sure that you get the best possible experience of rehab,
  • We focus on promoting independence so you don’t feel the need to keep having maintenance treatments,
  • We want you to recover completely and know how to stop the injury returning!

We also know that not everyone can afford 1:2:1 rehabilitation, so we also offer small group exercise classes to help spread the load.



injury rehab pain

What people thought of our injury prevention and rehabilitation work

  • Neck Pain

    I was recommended to see Joanna after I injured my neck and I’m so glad I was. Joanna is very knowledgeable and explains things so well. She was very welcoming, caring and thoughtful throughout. After just one session I walked away already starting to feel the difference. I would give Joanna a 10 star rating! I cannot recommend her enough and would definitely use her again

    Mel, May 2021

  • From early recovery right through to return to sport!

    After an initial 20-minute consultation with Joanna a recovery plan was made to rehabilitate a damaged achilles. After 5 months of clinical pilates and tailored exercises my recovery has progressed rapidly. Not only that, but I realise how important it is to carry on with mobility and core strength exercise injured or not. I am now starting a journey of plyometrics with Joanna which I think will make a massive difference to my ability to continue playing the many sports that I enjoy on a regular basis. For me, being able to have one to one discussions about progress and next steps is a big added value to the programme making this more than just attending regular classes.

    Richard, May 2021

  • Injury Rehab For Young People – Big Tick!

    My 10-year-old (“O”) had a painful foot and had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by our doctor. We wanted to make sure that we got the best possible support for “O” and as a result booked in with Balanced Bodies Injury Rehabilitation. Right from the start, every effort was made to help "O" feel at home. Even down to the Rehab Therapist (Joanna) meeting us outside before the very first session so that “O” could meet her in a socially distanced manner with no PPE on. It can be very scary to get injury rehabilitation before you start, especially when something is painful, but “O” was made to feel welcome and everything was taken at their pace with lots of fun along the way. It isn’t easy for a young person to appreciate the time it takes to recover from an injury, especially when they are so passionate about their sport. “O” just wanted to get back to running ASAP. Joanna has been so careful to explain the process at each stage, provide a road map for what we are working towards and helped “O” to remain focused. “O” is now pain free day to day and is learning how to safely strengthen their body so that they can return to their sports and keep the Plantar Fasciitis firmly in the past. Would highly recommend Balanced Bodies to anyone when it comes to supporting the rehabilitation of an injury!

    Monika, Dec 2020


  • I don't have an injury but something doesn't feel right - can you help?

    Definitely! We love to help people before they get injured, because if we can save you experiencing pain and injury, for us the world is a better place!

    If you want to share your story, then we are here to listen – no commitment at all, just the chance to find out how we might be able to help you!

  • Will it hurt?

    We try to do everything possible to make things stop hurting for you. However sometimes, pain is unavoidable when you are in acute pain.

    So we make a promise to every client: we explain what we want to do, show you what we want to, demonstrate it on the good side (if there is a good side) so that you are fully informed and consenting each and every time!

  • Are you a Masseuse, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath?

    Definitely not!

    Joanna is a Graduate Sports Therapist by education.

    BUT we are all Rehabilitation Therapists! We all access the same sort of tools, techniques and tests to assess and then treat our patients. We are just different flavours on a very broad spectrum.

    Ultimately, your decision should be based on your goals, objectives and communication style / preferences. You need a cheerleader shouting for your success at every stage!

  • Is there a quick fix for my back / neck / hip / shoulder pain?

    We can use treatments like massage and manual therapy to access your body’s own amazing pain killing systems, but we aren’t going to lie to you: Proper injury rehabilitation takes commitment and hard work on your behalf.

    It often takes months and years for someone to descend into injury, so it takes time to unpick the issues and strengthen to correct.

    We will be there every step of the way and we won’t bring you in for unnecessary treatments or keep you coming back for more than you need.

    Our goal is to rehab you once, do it right and send you on your way!

  • Can you help my child with their injury?

    It simple terms: Yes! But please check in with us before booking so that we can make sure your young person gets the best support possible.

    We are fully insured, have a full safe guarding policy and any of our Therapists working with young people will have an Enhanced DBS.

  • I can't afford 1:2:1 work - how else can you help?

    We appreciate that not everyone has spare funds aside for this sort of support but please do get in touch and have a chat.

    We will do everything we can to help you out, what ever your budget.