What are Strong Bodies Exercise Classes?

Our founder, Joanna, was adamant: she really disliked traditional exercise classes. Every-time she tried them in her “youth”, she either went the wrong way, felt completely inadequate, hurt herself, felt like she was about to breath her last breath or spent the whole class not knowing what she was doing and why.

As a result Joanna swore off doing exercise classes….. until she realised that there might just be a way to introduce traditional Strengthening Exercises into a relatable class set up. Which is how Strong Bodies was born!

Strong Bodies Classes are:

  • Low impact,
  • Small groups of individuals,
  • Fun….. not silly fun. But relaxed, enjoying yourself, really happy to be here fun,
  • Focused on Muscular Endurance exercise principles,
  • Welcoming – we make sure that everyone is introduced to any new class participants so that there are no strangers,
  • All levels of experience are welcome – experienced runners regularly find themselves training alongside completely new beginners. It really is possible to adjust the grade of exercise to keep everyone challenged!
  • Accessible to all – we can regress and progress exercises until you have the right level – even if you need to sit in a chair to move.

You don’t need special equipment or special clothing!

Strong Bodies Classes are NOT:

  • Featuring a distant screaming instructor who looks like an Olympian,
  • Like a night club – there is no booming music,
  • Designed to make you feel inadequate – we want you to feel welcome so that you keep coming back!
  • Full of gym bunnies – these classes are for the average body that would benefit from moving,
  • Exclusive – there is no minimum requirement of fitness. However, to keep you safe, we may ask you do have a 1:2:1 if you have a particularly painful body part!

You most definitely won’t end up looking like a body builder doing Strong Bodies, but you will gain a new-found confidence in your body. You’ll move better, feel better and will realise that strength training is accessible to everyone!

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Whilst our hamsters are working hard to integrate a video into the website, if you really can’t wait please take a look at a sample Strong Bodies session on our Facebook page.

What people thought of the class

  • Strong Bodies Classes

    I have been attending Balanced Bodies Injury Rehab’s Strong Bodies classes for over a month now and Joanna has worked hard to ensure that each class is adapted to my level of capability, whilst accommodating my specific aches and pains. As I was working from home during lockdown 2 I also signed up for the Stretchy Bodies daily 30 min sessions to provide some much-needed movement into my day. Being virtual classes, they are very convenient as I can step away from my home office desk for a break and just start moving with no need to travel or change as I’m in comfy clothing anyway! The day before I started my first Stretchy Bodies session I hurt my back so tuned in for the session thinking I wouldn’t be able to do much, but Joanna was able to guide me through an adapted mobility session which really helped, and I recovered much quicker than I expected with the benefit of her knowledge and guidance. Being overweight and not that young, I’m not as agile as I could be but am comfortable in her sessions as I don’t feel I’m being criticised or judged, she’s just helps and guides in a friendly supportive environment and adapts to your needs. I’m so glad I found her as I’m already making progress with my movement and flexibility, honestly a life changer for me, can’t praise her enough

    Debbie, Dec 2020

  • Improvement in my body strength

    Have been going to the sessions for a few weeks now and have enjoyed every session! I have definitely seen an improvement in my body strength and it has done wonders for the pain I get in my shoulders! Not to mention she’s lovely and always keeps it fun and interesting.

    Maddy, Oct 2020

  • Exercises are suited to individuals

    I have been doing classes with Jo for several years now and she is absolutely excellent! She makes sure that the exercises are suited to individuals’ abilities and she takes great care to explain what we are doing and what we should be feeling and how it should help. Jo really knows her business and is so committed to her clients’ welfare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend going to Jo to get some advice and perhaps doing a class.

    Sue, Sept 2020


  • Do I need to own workout clothes?

    Most definitely not! It is likely that you will get sweaty, so breathable fabric will help.

    But as long as you can move comfortably and aren’t going to trip over yourself, then you are good to go. You can even wear your pyjamas! We will not judge.

  • Do I need to go buy equipment?

    Not at all! We want to make exercise accessible for everyone. We can use books, bags of potatoes, and an old pair of tights. And often good old Body Weight is more than enough!

  • How much do classes cost?

    Ask yourself first: How much do you value your health?

    Then ask yourself: Do you want to exercise in a big class where you are lost in the crowd?

    If the answer is Yes to the first and No to the second then head on over to our Book Now page for more details!

  • I'm a man - is this going to be hard enough for me?

    We are confident we can push you to your limits!

    Obviously a trained olympian might not get the challenge they need, but for the average man (and woman) we will definitely find ways to push you hard and experience muscles you never realised you had!