What exactly is Stretchy Bodies?

Stretchy Bodies is a bespoke creation of Balanced Bodies. We recognised a need for daily mobility sessions in our clients and created Stretchy Bodies to meet that need!

These 30 minute virtual sessions promote flexibility, mobility, circulation, and positive mental health.

We all get stiff & sore from sitting at our desks. With minimal investment you can participate in as many or as few classes each week as you want. All the while having fun in a supportive class environment.

Whilst our hamsters are working hard to integrate a video into the website, if you really can’t wait please take a look at a sample Stretchy Bodies session on our Facebook page.

Classes are pretty organic and flow depending on the needs of the participants. So we don’t plan ahead on Stretchy Bodies: we just go with the flow!

One day you might find yourself focusing on stretching out your hips and legs, another you might be doing work on your hands and arms!

The more you do, the more likely you’ll be able to wrap yourself up like a pretzel!

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What people thought of the class

  • Exercises are suited to individuals

    I have been doing classes with Jo for several years now and she is absolutely excellent! She makes sure that the exercises are suited to individuals’ abilities and she takes great care to explain what we are doing and what we should be feeling and how it should help. Jo really knows her business and is so committed to her clients’ welfare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend going to Jo to get some advice and perhaps doing a class.

    Sue, Sept 2020

  • Highly recommend Joanna!

    Highly recommend Joanna! She is very friendly and welcoming and really makes you feel relaxed. After a couple of sessions, I have already noticed a difference with my knee and have a good plan going forward to get back into running

    Emily, Nov 2020

  • Highly Supportive!

    I have never had the courage to join anything virtual in my life, but Joanna took the time before the session to calm me down and I can honestly say I am so glad I did it. Joanna has a way of putting you at ease whilst calmly explaining in simple terms what you need to do, why you need to do it and how it should feel. Anyone that wants to try but is a bit nervous please give it a go. You won’t regret it

    Natalie, Jan 2021


  • I can't touch my toes! Is this class right for me?

    Definitely! We can’t promise you’ll be able to touch your toes after one session, but daily mobility work will go along way towards you seeing your little pinkie up close and personal in the future!

  • How much do these classes cost?

    These are a fantastic price for what you are getting!

    The classes won’t have more than 10 people in them, but typically they are more likely to be only 5 or 6 people at the most.

    Throughout each session, the instructors always make a point of asking what feels tight so that classes can be tailored.

    Please head on over to the pricing page for more details

  • What is involved?

    The classes involve a mixture of mobility and stretching work. These are often done via movement flows.

    Depending on the vibe of the class they can be either chatty and fun or silent and more trance like.