A big part of what we do is helping people to return to being active by building deep foundations. These foundations are what keep them pain free and injury free. We do this initially with mobility and stretching (as well as massage and manual therapy as needed), before moving onto develop global and local strength.

Sure, we are here if you can’t get out of bed due to a bad back, but equally, a lot of our clients come to us because something doesn’t feel right and they want to avoid injury in the first place!

Injury doesn’t mean that you are consigned to an ever diminishing list of activities that you can complete. Instead we believe whole heartedly in helping our clients remain strong and mobile, regardless of age! Day to day, we are just as likely to be helping a 10 year old as we are an 80 year old.

Our Prehab / Rehab doesn’t have to be a serious pain in the neck! It can be tailored to your individual needs. And most importantly, you can have fun whilst you get stronger, more flexible, and pain-free! Plus, it can be done from the comfort of your own home…


  • Can’t afford 1:2:1 injury rehab, but would like to exercise under the supervision of an experienced Rehabilitation Therapist to stay safe?
  • Worried that those niggles just won’t go away?
  • Losing flexibility?
  • Can’t get off the floor easily?
  • Scared to take a big class in case you can’t keep up?
  • New to exercise and don’t know where to start?
  • Nervous around new people and want a friendly face to help ease you into a knew exercise routine?

There is something for everyone here at Balanced Bodies!